36+ Fun DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Home

36+ Fun DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Home November 30, 2023Leave a comment

Do you want to add vibrant pops of color to your room or create unique and cool things to decorate your space? DIY projects are the perfect solution! They offer a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity while bringing a touch of personalization to your surroundings.

The best part is that these projects are not only enjoyable and fulfilling, but they also won't break the bank. With our carefully curated selection of favorite DIY projects, you're sure to find something that sparks your interest and allows you to unleash your imagination!

Make Pretty Flower Vases from Glass Bottles

Instagram / handmade_by_yentl

Don't have a nice vase for your flowers? No problem! You can make your own using old glass bottles and shiny tape. Just clean the bottles, decorate them with tape, and you'll have beautiful vases for your flowers. You can even make a bunch and put them together for a special decoration.

Create Wall Art with Photos, Twine, and Clothespins

Image via Imgur

Do you have lots of photos on your phone? Print them out and make a cool display for your walls! Attach twine to a frame and use clothespins to hang your pictures. It will make your room look awesome, and you can easily change the photos whenever you want.

Show Off Fresh Fruit in an Eye-catching Display

Instagram / winninglifewellness

Want a colorful and healthy decoration for your kitchen? Make a fruit display! Use wooden shelves and metal frames to create a stylish corner. It's not just pretty, it also helps you remember to eat your fruit before it gets old.

Turn an Old Crate into a Table

Instagram / teaandforgetmenots

Need a side table but don't want to buy one? Make your own using a wooden crate and cheap table legs. It's rustic and has extra storage space. You can even line the crate with pretty paper to make it look even better.

Serve Fruit in a Watermelon Bowl

Instagram / the_pinkplate_

Did you know that watermelons can be serving bowls? It's true! Hollow out a watermelon and use it to serve fruity desserts at your next party. Your guests will be impressed, and you won't have as many dishes to wash.

Decorate a Vase with Corks

Instagram / mamaricci25

Do you save corks from special occasions? Don't let them go to waste! Use them to decorate a vase. Just glue the corks onto a cheap vase and it will look beautiful with your flowers. If you don't have enough corks, you might need to drink more wine!

Make Ornaments from Handprints

Instagram / shopwithkendallyn

During Christmas, you can make ornaments with your family's handprints. It's a fun way to capture a special moment. Use clay, paints, and ribbons to create adorable handprint ornaments. They will look great on your tree!

Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Instagram / wearelittleelm

Want fresh eggs every day and a home for chickens? Build your own chicken coop! It's a good way to teach your kids where food comes from. You can find videos online to help you. All you need is chicken wire, plywood, and some carpentry skills.

Reuse Candle Jars as Bathroom Canisters

Instagram / blessings_in_design

Don't throw away your candle jars! You can turn them into bathroom canisters. Use them to store Q-tips and other beauty essentials. Freeze the jars to remove any leftover wax, wash them, and they're ready to use. You can even decorate the lids with cute knobs.

Make a DIY Garden Swing

Instagram / sawdustsisters

Remember how fun it was to swing as a kid? Now you can have your own swing in your backyard. Find a sturdy tree, get some rope and a wooden seat, and make a swing. Make sure it's safe before you start swinging!

Decorate a Mug with Sharpies

Instagram / thewh0leshebang

You don't need special materials to decorate a mug. Just use colorful permanent markers. You can draw any design you want. It's a great gift idea for coworkers, especially if someone is using your mug without asking.

Phone Holder from a Cardboard Tube and Colored Tape

Instagram / saintpatrickcollegelibrary

If you want a hands-free phone holder but don't want to spend a lot of money or use plastic, you can make one at home! Just cover a strong cardboard tube with colorful tape and cut a hole for your phone. It's a fun way to watch videos without holding your phone all the time.

Turn a Lightbulb into a Planter

Instagram / justkeepingbusy

Did you know you can make a pretty planter out of a used lightbulb? It's true! Remove the filament from the bulb and fill it with sand and moss. You can hang it up and put small plants inside. It's a cool way to have plants in your home without spending a lot of money.

Make a Coat Rack from Branches

Instagram / dailylifeofminediy

Want to add a rustic touch to your home? Find fallen branches in interesting shapes and use them as hooks for a coat rack. Attach them to a plank of wood and varnish it to make it look nice. It's a unique way to hang your coats and give your home a natural feel.

Decorate a Lampshade with Collage

Instagram / between.chaos

Want to make your lampshade more interesting? You can decorate it with pictures from comics or magazines. Cut out your favorite images and glue them onto the lampshade. It will make your room look cool and it's a free way to update your decor.

Create a Marble Mug with Nail Polish

Instagram / jessibelle24

You can make beautiful marble mugs using nail polish! Fill a container with warm water, add some drops of nail polish, and swirl it around. Dip your mug into the water and a marble design will appear. Let it dry and you'll have a fancy mug that looks expensive.

Make a Pebble Bathroom Floor

Image via Imgur

Ever notice how pretty pebbles look when they're wet? Now you can have that beauty in your own bathroom. Collect pebbles from the beach and use adhesive or grout to create a pebble floor. It's a DIY project that requires some skill, so ask for help if you need it.

Frame Pressed Flowers

Instagram / bettitomi0330

Do you want to keep the beauty of flowers forever? With this cool trick, you can! Dry flowers by pressing them in a flower press or between the pages of a heavy book. Then, arrange them in a clear frame for a pretty decoration that will never wilt.

Jazz Up Heels with Glitter

Instagram / zalidiya

Make your old heels look brand new with glitter! Choose any color you like and use fabric glue to cover your shoes in sparkles. Make sure to do this in a clean area. You'll have fancy shoes that shine like ruby slippers in no time.

Hanging Bookshelf

Instagram / betweenbooksncoffee

Running out of space for your books? Make a cool hanging shelf! It may take some work, but it's worth it. Change up your book display and show off your favorites.

Macrame Toilet Roll Holder

Instagram / vielayksikerros

Upgrade your plain toilet roll holder with a boho macrame version! You can learn how to make macrame from YouTube videos. Use a small stick or driftwood and hang it on the wall with a nail. Your toilet paper will look stylish!

Make Artwork out of Salt

Flickr / Vanessa / CC 2.0

You can create art with anything, even salt! Have fun with your kids and make firework paintings. Squeeze glue on paper, sprinkle salt, and let it dry. Then, paint it in all the colors you want. It will look amazing!

Turn a Ladder into Shelves

Instagram / jm_fitness12

Need more shelves? Use a step ladder! Wooden step ladders are perfect for plants, books, and decorations. You can even paint it a fun color to make it look new and fresh.

Heart-Shaped Garland

Instagram / bethmatsonpapercrafter

Making paper crafts is easy and fun! Use colored paper and scissors to create a heart-shaped garland. It's perfect for weddings, parties, or decorating your bedroom. If you don't like hearts, you can make other shapes like stars or triangles.

Makeup Organizer from Toilet Paper Rolls

Instagram / oyin.olabode

Keeping your makeup organized can be tricky. But with this DIY organizer, you can solve that problem. Use empty toilet paper rolls and cover them with fabric. It's quick, easy, and budget-friendly. You can also use it for other things like stationery or paintbrushes.

Crochet a Colorful Lampshade Cover

Image via Imgur

Learn to crochet and make a cozy lampshade cover. Just get a plain lampshade, yarn, and a crochet hook. The light will shine through the little holes, creating a beautiful effect. It's a great project for crochet lovers.

Decorate Your Mirror with Flowers

Instagram / artsyyvinita

Make your mirror look beautiful with a flower garland. Get a plain mirror and glass paints. Practice your design on paper first. Cover the center of the mirror with newspaper to avoid making a mess. It will make your mornings happier.

Planter Made of a Plastic Bottle

Instagram / plantmomshaily

Want to grow plants but on a budget? Make your own planters using plastic bottles. With cable ties and paint, you can create functional and decorative planters. It's a great way to recycle waste materials and create your dream balcony garden.

Create Glam Hairpins with Beads

Instagram / karen.tries

Finish your outfit with glamorous hairpins. Instead of buying them, make your own! Use bobby pins, beads, and silver wire to create stylish hair accessories. You can make them for any occasion or give them as gifts. It's easy and fun!

Make Art with Glue

Instagram / fashion_vibezz_

Kids love getting messy with glue! Next time they want to paint, use a squeezy bottle of PVA glue. It creates cool textures and a shiny finish. Lay down lots of newspaper and have soapy water ready for cleanup. It might get messy, but it's fun!

Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Instagram / samantha_15393

Tired of loose change everywhere? Make your own piggy bank using a mason jar and glass paints. Use stencils for letters and decorate the jar however you want. Keep it handy to collect coins and save up for something special.

Make a Bowl with Glitter and a Balloon

Instagram / kourt_naynay

Add sparkle to your home with a glitter bowl. Mix craft glue and glitter, paint it on a balloon, and let it dry. Once it's solid, pop the balloon. Now you have a classy glitter bowl to use!

Hanging Pot Rack

Instagram / rockstarmendoza

Get rid of kitchen clutter with a hanging pot rack. Hang your pots and pans on a wooden or metal frame with hooks. It saves space and looks neat.

Chalkboard Wall

Instagram / bethaniehenry

If you love making lists, create a chalkboard wall. Use chalkboard paint and make a designated space for notes, lists, or your kids' drawings. It's a fun and organized way to keep track of things.

Colorful DIY Storage Box

Instagram / risk.rahmaida

Make your own storage boxes using wrapping paper and cardboard. Choose a sturdy box, cover it neatly with wrapping paper, and you're done. If the covering gets tired, you can easily replace it. It's a simple and useful project!

DIY Stair Runner

Instagram / thetaylors33

You can make your stairs look beautiful and comfortable with a DIY stair runner. No need to hire a professional - all you need is paint, a long rug, and a staple gun. There are helpful videos online to guide you. Your feet will thank you!

Paint Your Own Glasses

Instagram / mommart

For a themed party or event, make your own colorful glasses. Use acrylic enamel paint that won't come off when washed. Use paintbrushes, sponges, or Q-tips to apply your design. Your glasses will stay vibrant and fresh.

Make a Kitchen Coaster with String

Instagram / mandalamindsby_bandna

Get creative and useful with kitchen coasters. Use string and glue to make your own coasters. Try different colors, patterns, and sizes. Make a matching set for plates and cups. It's fun and functional!

Decorate a Table with Pennies

Instagram / aprilcheetahlicious

Have some pennies lying around? Use them to decorate a coffee table. Pennies give a vintage look and can match copper fixtures. Upcycle an old table or find one second-hand. Use strong glue to make sure the pennies stay in place.

Encyclopedia Flowers

Instagram / designimprovised

Turn old encyclopedia pages into beautiful flowers with this craft. You'll need encyclopedia pages, tissue paper, and floral wire. Use the same technique as the napkin flowers mentioned earlier, but with different materials. Tear up the pages and follow the tutorial to create these unique flowers. Just make sure it's a book you won't read again before tearing it up.