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Cringeworthy Things That Happen on Every 1st Date

Cringeworthy Things That Happen on Every 1st Date July 22, 2019Leave a comment

Not all first dates are picture perfect. Some of us find ourselves in the most cringeworthy of situations. Chances are you have been in one or more of these awkward moments. If you haven't, you're one of the lucky ones!

Being Late for the Date


There's nothing worse than waiting alone for your date to show up. You were already nervous before the date, now you're sitting there on your second beer wondering if they're ever going to show up at all.

Getting Your Parents to Drop You Off


If you're old enough to date, you're old enough to get your own lift to meet your date. But some people still prefer Mom to taxi them around, which puts your date in the awkward position of possibly meeting the parents on the first date.

Having the Date in Your Parent's House.

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Following on from not getting your parent's to drive you to your date, avoid involving your parents in your date at all, especially on a first date. A cringeworthy scenario is you, your date and your parents making awkward chit chat in the kitchen.

Being Stingy with the Bill


We are living in a time that is breaking away from the traditional rules of dating, with much less constraints on gender roles. It's embarrassing to go on a date with the assumption that the other person will pay for the entire night. In other words, be prepared to divide the bill or get the next drink.

Sending a Venmo Request at the End of the Date


This is more common than you would think on first dates and is cringy af for both you and the person on the date. So, make life easy for both of you and split the bill, unless you are sure the other person wants to take you out and spoil you!

Being on Your Phone Too Much


If you're sitting opposite someone who spends more time on their phone rather than talking to you, take yours out and order that Uber! That's a crappy date and a valid reason to get up and leave.

Outfit Malfunctions

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It happens to the best of us... you're about to take your seat opposite your hot date and suddenly your pants rip, giving the whole restaurant a show. If your date is any way chill, you can both laugh about it.

Bragging About Yourself


Your date wants to hear about your life but will probably want to speak at some point on the date too. Some people often forget to listen and ramble on about themselves for way too long, annoying the hell out of their date. Don't be that person! You don't want to go home later not knowing more than just your date's name.

Having Literally Nothing to Talk About


The most awkward of situations... sitting opposite someone you don't really know and having zero to talk about! Chatting about the weather will only get you so far... probably a good time to do shots!

Getting Blackout Drunk


Before you go too heavy on the shots, don't put your date in the position of being your babysitter. Take your time with those drinks so you don't find yourself hugging the toilet bowl in the restrooms at the bar.

Avoiding a Goodnight Kiss


It can be daunting as hell sussing out the right moment to lay one on your date. However, when that time comes and you courageously go in for that nerve racking first kiss but get rejected, you're going to wish the ground would swallow you up and you'll probably never make the first move again!

Getting Caught Checking Other People Out

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We all have wandering eyes, but if you're going to blatantly do it on a date, expect the other person to call it an early night. If you have to creep on others while on a date, the date is already over.

Getting Messages From Your Side Piece on a Date

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Getting that "You up?" message from last week's date while you're on this week's date is one thing, but taking your phone out to reply... savage! The decent thing would be to leave your phone in your pocket when you're out and avoid the embarrassing moment of your date seeing that tinder notification popping up.

Making Sexual Innuendos Too Early

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Sometimes it's best to keep the conversation light on a first date instead of possibly weirding out your date with lewd comments. You're going to want to leave some things to the imagination.

Being Overly Eager


First dates can be tricky. You're careful not to talk too much, listen enough and you're hyper aware of your behaviour in general. Being yourself is key, but being overwhelmingly keen in your affections may put the other person off seeing you again and then you're standing there red-faced when they decline a second date.

Being Overly Critical of Your Date


Imagine sitting on your night off with some stranger who's critiquing your life... another valid reason to order that Uber. There should be a Yelp alternative for dates like this - a "rate your date" app to prevent anyone else from wasting their nights off.

Using and Getting Caught with a Fake ID

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OK, this is exceptionally cringeworthy, especially if you've lied about your age to your date let alone fooling the bouncers outside the bar. Probably best to be honest about your age from the beginning, or invest in a better fake ID!

Not Realising You are a Potential Unicorn


When you think you're going on a date with one person but you show up realising you are actually being interviewed as a third to join the party! The question is, do you run for the hills or stick around?!

Being Interested in the Other Person on a Double Date

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That awkward moment when you realise you're flirting with your friend's date more than your own. It could be worth making a move on them though... look at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively!

Inviting a Friend on the Date


You're not 12 years old going on a group date to the movies so, don't invite your friend's to tag along. Your date wants to get to know you and have you all to themselves. One of you is going to end up being the gooseberry, and it could be you!

Taking Countless Instagram Stories on the Date


Your phone should stay in your pocket on a first date. It's embarrassing to be constantly snapping away at every fancy cocktail your server brings you, while the other person sits counting the tiles on the floor.

Getting Catfished


With all these dating apps, it's not a rare thing to turn up at the bar and find your date is in fact ten years older than their profile picture. So, keep those photos recent and unfiltered to avoid the dreaded rejection before the date has even begun.

Mistaking a Casual Hangout for a Date


That awkward moment when you're on a date but don't know it's a date. You consider this person a cool new friend to chill out with, until they want to hold your hand. Talk about friendzoning!

Being a Nervous Wreck


Nerves... they make your palms sweaty, your hands shake, and all of a sudden the contents of your wallet are on the floor and your red wine has spilled on the table. Ok, maybe not all of these things happen on a first date, but one of them is enough to make you want to die.