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Things Gen Zers Do That Millennials Just Don’t Understand

Things Gen Zers Do That Millennials Just Don’t Understand July 8, 2019Leave a comment

Millennials think technology is their ally. But they merely adopted the tech. Gen Z was born in it, molded by it. Let's take a look at some of the things Gen Zers do that aging millennials just don't get...

Gen Zers Have iPads in School


Kids in school used to learn with books. But now many schools opt to use iPads instead. Millennials grew up with computers in the classroom, sure. But they never had this much tech at school.

Gen Zers Choose Video Games Over Playing Outside


Playing outside isn't as appealing to Gen Zers as it was to millennials. Fresh air and outdoor games have bypassed Gen Zers who were born into a world of technology. Kids today are definitely not as active, more often staying indoors to play video games.

Gen Zers Use iPads at Restaurants


Next time you're in a family restaurant, take a look around at all the parents enjoying their meals while their kids play on iPads. Parents today have the luxury of using modern technology to distract their children during dinner instead of, y'know, engaging with them.

Gen Zers Have Had Phones Since They Were Children


It's a rare millennial who had their own cellphone before age 12. Some older millennials didn't get one until after college. So for a millennial to see children today walking around with devices of their own is wild.

Gen Zers Are Used to All Instant Everything


Although millennials enjoy easy access to almost anything these days, they weren't born into it like Gen Zers. Gen Z doesn't know a world without apps that offer instant banking, instant shopping, instant food delivery, etc. Millennials still remember what it was like to have to wait for something.

Gen Zers Expect TV Shows on Demand


Millennials waited every Saturday morning to watch certain cartoons. Sure, there was cable. But that was, what, 100 channels? Today we get to watch any TV show or movie we want, streaming on demand. Gen Z kids don't know what it's like to wait for their favorite shows (or have to record them).

Gen Zers Watch YouTube as TV


In addition to all the streaming services running every TV series on demand, there's also YouTube, which Gen Z seems to prefer anyway. Today's tweens and teens substitute or even replace TV watching with watching and worshipping YouTube channels and personalities.

Gen Zers Can't Be Without a Smartphone


Gen Z never lived in a world without social media and text messages. So they don't part from their devices during family get-togethers, parties, movies, etc. Millennials are more aware of personal social connections and how phones and iPads block quality interactions.

Gen Zers Don't Know How to Use an Old Telephone


Even touchtone landline phones confuse Gen Zers, so imagine putting a rotary phone in front of one of them. A recent study showed that kids today literally don't understand where the term "hang up the phone" comes from.

Gen Zers Don't Recognize This Image


Remember the hassle of connecting to the internet with a dial-up modem? Play a recording of the infamous and once-iconic AOL dial-up noises for a group of Gen Zers and ask them what they're listening to. They won't know.

Gen Zers Don't Know Phone Numbers by Heart


Remembering phone numbers- why would they have to? Gen Zers have all the numbers they need saved to their phone. The new generation probably don't even know their parents numbers however, the average Millennial will most likely still remember their parent's, friend's and other family member's digits from ten years ago!

Gen Zers Vape as a Hobby


Why are kids smoking vapes? Seems like something a middle aged person would take up to substitute for cigarettes after giving up. However, Gen Zers are out there at 19 years old puffing away on vapes.

Gen Zers Travel the World at a Young Age


For some Millennials, especially the older group born during the 1980s, traveling the world wasn't as achievable as it is for the Gen Zer today. The older group of Millennials simply couldn't afford to travel the globe or find sustainable work in order to save. Gen Zers are introduced to earning and saving money in their teens and can travel wide and far at a younger age. Millennials are often seen booking flight well into their twenties.

Gen Zers Grew Up in Houses Full of Tech


If you walk into any family home today you will see every person with their own device. Even two year olds know how to unlock their parent's phones with a code and find "SpongeBob" on YouTube. Toddlers literally have their own iPads. Millennials on the other hand, remember playing with rocks and mud as a toddler. Millennials may be shocked by this major generation partition however, it's the Millennials that are the Gen Zer's parents and buying their two year olds iPads.

Gen Zers Have More Online Friendships Than IRL Connections


The younger group of Gen Zers are inclined to spend most of their time inside and socializing with friends through online platforms. Millennials appreciate the importance of personal interaction on a wider scale as they grew up in a world where online social networking didn't exist. Meeting up with friends regularly in a bar and engaging in deep meaningful conversations is more crucial for Millennials rather than connecting simply online.

Gen Zers Socialize on Xbox


Following on from online friendships, you often see teenagers locked in their bedrooms creating relationships via Xbox live where they can play for hours against strangers in a fake reality. This is not something that Millennials find appealing and are often confused with the attraction to heavy online gaming as opposed to face to face socializing

Gen Zers List 'Social Media Influencer' as a 1st Job


The average Millennial's first job was usually in customer service, working in their local cafe or restaurant while they were studying. Today, you tend to see a lot of Gen Zers using social media as a platform for work, becoming social media influencers and gaining online recognition. The majority of kids today are a lot more media woke than the average low key Millennial.

Gen Zers Eat Out Instead of Packing Lunch


With a wide variety of major franchise restaurants accessible on every corner, in general Gen Zers prefer to buy their meals daily rather than pack a lunch for their work or school break. Millennials can't seem to understand how the majority of the younger generation don't prepare an old fashioned packed lunch for their break, where as the average Millennial will generally opt to prepare their own meal for the day.

Gen Zers Need to Document Everything


Gen Zers feel the need to document anything slightly entertaining rather than live in the moment. This younger generation tend to view the world through a camera lens instead of experiencing the world in front of them - i.e. taking photos of their food the second the server lays it on the table and spending 90% of Coachella taking pictures.

Gen Zers Speak a Whole New Language


Millennials realize how old they've become when hanging out with Gen Zers as they tend to be oblivious to the vocab and phrases used by their predecessors. Phrases such as a "Yeet" meaning "Hell Yeah" and "Finnesse" meaning "Manipulate", are common among the younger generation. So face it Millennials, it's time to open up the Gen Z dictionary and get enlightened so you're not the only one at the party lost in the conversation.

Gen Zers Don't Stereotype or Use Labels


Millennials grew up in an era where stereotypes and labels were on the cusp of becoming more diluted. In opposition, Generation Z have been born into a period of liberal open mindedness and don't box themselves into label trends whether it's in dating, gender roles, or sexuality. Although Millennials are part of a generation of liberal thinking, it's sometimes strange to see a younger generation with such fluid reasoning.