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Hilarious Examples of People Who Are Technically Following the Rules

Hilarious Examples of People Who Are Technically Following the Rules September 16, 2021Leave a comment

We all grow up being told to follow the rules. This giant intricate system of informal norms, expectations, and rules are the foundation of society. And while we’re not always thrilled by some of these rules, we’re obliged to follow them. Otherwise, we’ll have to face the consequences for breaking the proverbial law of the land.

But the people on this list really pushed the envelope when they followed the unspoken rules to the letter, resulting in a hilarious aftermath that has everyone on the internet laughing their little heads off. Their acts of willful disobedience soon caught the attention of other rebels who love to bend the rules for their own amusement.

Hang This for Me, Please


What this mom has is a Smart Aleck for a son who thought it would be hilarious to do exactly what her note asked and hang the post-it note out to dry. But mom’s response was also pretty hilarious.

No Shorts Allowed


This guy’s school said no way to shorts. But he wanted to be comfortable during the day and also show off his legs. So, he put on a skirt. Hey! If you got it, flaunt it, right?

Throw the Dog in the Bin


Poor doggy! All he did was take a poo outside. He had no idea his dumb-as-a-rock human would take the sign so literally and actually try to toss him in the trash bin instead of the poo he just took.

A Man and His Selfie Stick


His wife told him to use his selfie stick to take photos of himself doing regular things throughout the day. And he thought that this meant taking a selfie alongside the selfie stick. This included a ride-along and some action under the sheets.

Clean Bathroom Fit for a Queen


Queen Elizabeth would be so proud of the way this kid cleaned up the bathroom. Not only is it spic and span, but he followed the instructions his mom gave him to the T and even left a Harry Potter book on top of the toilet and some tea on the countertop with a drawing of a UK flag hanging over it.

Leave the Package Under the Mat


When this person got home, they noticed that their doormat was placed on top of the large parcel by the front door. But in all fairness, the customer did leave instructions for the delivery guy to leave the packager under the doormat.

Have a Happy Generic Birthday


Someone asked for a generic birthday party, and they obviously got their wish even before they blew out the candles. But as uncreative as the birthday decorations, birthday card and gift wrapping are, it’s oddly enough the most epic birthday party we've seen.

That's a Morbid Reminder


Don’t take what you see on social media so literally. Take this example for instance. The post does say that people need to be reminded that they don’t live forever. But the person who took the advice to heart made it really, really weird.

They Gave Away Water Bottles for Free


According to the sign on top, the festival didn’t allow vendors to sell bottled water. But they never said anything about not giving away bottled water. So, this vendor decided to include a free bottled water with every purchase of peanuts.

They Took the Question Too Literally


Well, you can’t fault them for not following directions. The instructions did say to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant when writing a letter home. The professor was undoubtedly shocked and impressed that the student literally wrote their response in Chinese.

He Chose the Name Wisely


The instructions on this character name menu option are pretty clear. Not only is it asking him to choose wisely, but it’s also telling the player why they should. Maybe it’s the programmer’s fault for phrasing the instructions this way?

His Name’s Not Cark


He told the barista that his name was Marc. Now most people spell it with a “k” and not a “c” at the end, which is why he made sure to specify this. But the barista still managed to fudge up his name on the cup.

Remove Sleeve and Film


The instructions on this pork and caramelized chestnut stuffing box said to “remove sleeve and film.” So, this guy ripped the sleeve off of his shirt, took out an old camcorder and started filming it. He may not be the best cook in the world, but at least he has a sense of humor.

He Couldn’t Step Foot Outside


This kid was told that he couldn’t step foot outside of the house, but his parents didn’t say anything about the rest of his body. So, he opened the sliding doors and lay himself on the wooden deck outside while keeping his feet indoors. Clever!

The “Plain” Tie


He was told to wear a plain tie to work. So, he had a little fun with it and found a tie with a bunch of airplanes printed on them. Maybe the person in charge should spell out the word plain next time so that there’s no confusion.

Ask and You Shall Receive


A restaurant patron asked the waitress for one very small check. And she thought it would be funny to print out the smallest check possible. Hopefully, he saw the humor in this and didn’t give her a very small tip.

Watch Out! Indian Writing


We're not sure if the Indian writing on the side of the road is an actual Native American or a native from India. But they clearly had a sense of humor and decided to write on a notepad while standing next to a sign that read, “Indian Writing.”

Don’t Break the Seal


The big red dot keeping the CD inside this paper envelop is a seal that states that it must not be broken. Otherwise, the license agreement will be null and void. But it looks like this person found a loop hole.

Everything But Unicycles


The sign on the column is pretty specific. People aren’t allowed to ride just about anything down this strip mall sidewalk. But they never said anything about unicycles, which this guy is totally riding like a boss.

The Cake’s at 120 Degrees


They were told to put the cake to cook in the oven at 120 degrees. Of course, the wife should have been specific and stated that this is the temperature. The husband thought he’d be witty and found a way to place the cake at a 120-degree angle.

They Made Portland Even Weirder


The sign said to “Keep Portland Weird.” So someone put on a Darth Vader mask and a cape and started riding around in a unicycle while playing a bagpipe that's set on fire. Don't you just love it when people make their city proud?

Don’t Forget to Hug the Curb


Everyone deserves a hug every now and then, especially when you’re about to leave them. So, when this guy saw the sign on the wall that said “Hug Left Curb When Leaving,” he took it to heart, got out of his car, and hugged the curb. Now there’s one less depressed curb in the world.

The Golden Gate Bridge Isn’t People Friendly


According to that sign on the pole, the Golden Gate Bridge is totally anti-walking. The space where people are allowed to walk is too narrow. But bikers get about 75% of the space to move around. What a liberty!

Please Check If You Flushed


Wondering why this sign has so many check marks? It’s probably because the sign says to check if you flushed. Looks like everyone’s complying with the rules. Well, almost. There’s one rebel who wrote an X with a winking face.

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale


Life is full of decisions and this one’s a tough one. On one hand, her father did ask her for the ginger ale. On the other hand, the label does say that it’s “Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale.” So, it’s easy to see why she might have felt conflicted about handing him this bottle.

Red Means Wait Here


She knows how to follow directions. You have to give her that at least. But the sign about waiting when the red light’s showing was meant for cars, not people. Who knows how long she stood there before heading to school?

The Writing is on the Wall


Well, the writing on the wall did say to question everything. So, it’s not exactly a surprise that someone would end up writing the word “Why?” right under the message on the wall. And why not?

They Dressed Up as the Scooby Gang


These kids were totally bummed that their school district banned costumes on Halloween. But then they came up with a subtle way to defy the rules by dressing up as the Scooby Gang from Scooby-Doo. The only thing missing is the talking dog!

Eyes Only Please


The sign at this botanical garden said to “touch only with your eyes.” They probably meant to look and not touch the plants. But this wise guy took the sign literally and is making literal eye contact with the plant.

Whisper Sweet Nothings to the Plant


Amy left instructions for her roommate Evan to water her plant and also whisper sweet nothings to it so they don’t miss her. So, Evan took it to a whole new level and decided to take the plant out on several dates.

He Wore a Hulk Hand to This Meeting

Reddit/The Star

This Malaysian Prince was reportedly told that he could shake women’s hands without wearing a glove. Fortunately, the guy had a sense of humor and decided to wear a glove shaped like the Hulk’s hand.

Keep It Under Watch


Why did this person slide their phone under their wristwatch? It might have something to do with the library sign that stated that iPhones and valuables should be kept under watch. Mission accomplished. Well, not exactly. That’s not an iPhone, but it is technically something valuable.

They Minded Their Own Business


A person noticed that their neighbor’s car door was left open during the middle of a snowstorm. Now most people would have done the neighborly thing and closed it for them or told the car owner. But during an earlier discussion, the owner had told them to mind their own business, so that’s exactly what they did and they didn’t tell a soul about the open door.

A Confusing Way to Draw a Sheep


They did mention drawing sheep, clouds, legs and a circle in the instructions. But they probably should have clarified that these should be drawn separately. Oh well, maybe next time they’ll be a little clearer.

He Fell in Line


The sign at the mall said to “Please Fall In Line” and that’s just what he did. He slipped and fell in line. Alright, he was probably just pretending, but if he wasn't then he can probably sue the mall for bodily injury.

Shovel a Path


This guy’s girlfriend had one simple request. Just one. Shovel a path to get to the garage. Well, she got a path but not the one she was expecting. She probably should have been more specific and asked that he shovel the snow so she could get her car out of the garage. Lesson learned.

Wash Hands Without Touching


This person did exactly what the graphic instructed on how to wash hands. They placed the soap on the sink, turned the water on and placed their hands apart. Now they’re just waiting for those bubbles to magically come out of the soap and wash their hands for them.

Push Here


The sign said “Push Here” to flush this public toilet. But the graphic is misleading and makes it seem like one has to press the black button within the white circle. And that’s what this guy did, but it didn’t work for obvious reasons.

Green Vehicle Parking Only


If anyone tries to tow this vehicle, the owner will definitely be able to argue that the parking spot read “green vehicle parking only.” And their KIA is green, so they did what was asked of them.

Frappuccino for Uh Kevin


People tend to say “Uh” a lot when they’re trying to gather their thoughts. Just ask Kevin who placed an order at Starbucks. But when the barista asked him for his name, he paused and said “Uh” before answering. And the barista wrote his name down as “Uh Kevin.”

Smoke Up There


Bad news for smokers! The smoking area in this place has gotten a little more complicated. Now it’s no longer a matter of simply going outside. One has to climb up a pole like this guy did. Hey! That’s what the sign told him to do.

Feed Deer Using Quarters


Maybe they should have been more specific with this sign like “place a quarter in the dispenser to receive food for the deer.” It might be too wordy, but at least the deer won’t end up with a quarter stuck inside his gut.

A Pic of Denise in a Bra


Looks like Marcus is going to think twice about flirting with Denise ever again after he asked for a naughty pic of her in a bra. Quick-thinking Denise decided to send him this photo instead of blocking him and immediately won our hearts. You go, Denise!

Change the Sign


This employee’s boss told them to change the sign. And that’s exactly what they did. But the boss never said what they had to change it to, so they can’t necessarily get fired for this.

He Armed the Dog


This guy’s parents told him to “secure the dog” while they were on vacation. Well somehow, he got the impression that this meant to give the dog a gun and turn him into an action hero.

Save Me A Little Bit of Everything


This is what happens when you ask someone to save you a little bit of everything on Thanksgiving. This guy’s brother did exactly as requested and placed a really tiny amount of all the tasty dishes on a paper plate and labeled them so that there was no confusion.

Draw Bridge

Reddit/pheasant plucker

This guy saw the "draw bridge" sign and assumed it was an order to draw a bridge. So, he did what any aspiring artist would do and took out some paper and a pen and started drawing.

Use the Other Toilet Paper Roll


Imagine using a public toilet and being guilted into being eco-friendly. It happened to this person when they noticed that both rolls had a label that said to use the other roll to conserve natural resources. Unfortunately, this meant they couldn’t use either roll after using the bathroom.

Shop Owner Labeled Empty Bottle


A coffee shop owner was baffled when a health inspector told them that everything in the shop had to have a label. So, to avoid a fine, the owner did exactly as instructed and added a label that read “EMPTY” on an empty bottle.

Forget Hats! Wear a Shirt


This guy was shopping for men’s hats at Target. And when he found the shelves labeled “men’s hats,” what he found were shirts. But being the total rebel that he was, he decided to humor the store and try one on as a hat. Hey, it works!