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25 Heartwarming Before-and-After Pet Adoption Photos

25 Heartwarming Before-and-After Pet Adoption Photos September 23, 2019Leave a comment

    Cats and dogs have so much love to give, which truly makes them the sweetest creatures on this planet. Sadly, they aren’t always treated the way they deserve. And many long for a forever home. So, here are some before-and-after photos that show the difference adopting a pet can make in the lives of these animals.

    From Lonely to Ridiculous Hearing

    Reddit: iwasjackduluoz

    This is Marge. She was found on the streets during the Polar Vortex a few years ago. She was taken to a shelter where she eventually found her forever human. Now she keeps her ears peeled in case her owner calls. She’s got ridiculous hearing and runs upstairs even if her name is whispered.