The Best “I Told You So” Moments That Were The Ultimate Payback

The Best “I Told You So” Moments That Were The Ultimate Payback September 8, 2021Leave a comment

“See? I told you so!” is something our mothers would say all the time when we were kids. We may have huffed and puffed at the time, but boy were they right! It didn't feel great to be reminded of their uncanny ability to predict the future. But now that you're an adult, you realize how great it feels to tell someone, " I told you so" and actually prove your point.

No one knows this better than the folks on this list who got to experience the most hilarious and inspiring “I told you so” moments ever. From proving that they could complete the task that their significant other claimed they never would to showing their friends that they really did pull off a pretty neat bike trick in their youth, these moments are simply priceless.

He Didn’t Exercise Regularly

Reddit / scanadian

The owner of these weights claimed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was working out all the time, but his wife called his bluff and she was right. A closer inspection of the weights indicated that they were full of spider webs. This proved that the husband hadn’t done any weight lifting in days, or possibly weeks. Talk about embarrassing!

The Virtual Vision Board

Twitter / MsFastTwitch

Some people create a physical vision board out of cardboard and a collection of items like magazine clippings, photos and words to inspire them to achieve a goal. But Morolake Akinosun set her intentions virtually in 2011. Five years later, she posted that she achieved everything she claimed she was going to do in 2016.

The Bed-Hoarding Wife


Most husbands can relate to this one. It seems like the longer a guy is in a relationship, the more territory he loses in bed. To prove it, he took a photo of his bed and created a diagram of how much space is allocated to his wife, pet and other miscellaneous items and how his side of the bed is getting smaller and smaller.

He Could Stick Things on His Bald Head


Some people are afraid to go bald. Others make a profit out of it like The Rock and Vin Diesel. But this guy just wanted to prove that being bald is cool by sticking a can of Angry Orchard on his head. Oddly enough, the can didn’t fall like everyone thought that it would. How did he get the can to stay in place long enough to take this photo? We seriously have no clue!

The Double-Layered Photo


This guy couldn't believe his family when they told him that he had posed for a double-layered photo back in the day. You know, those cheesy photoshopped photos that famous celebrities used to get in the '80s and '90s. He refused to believe that he had ever been so vain until his family whipped out the photo in question and he couldn’t block out the memory anymore. While he's undeniably embarrassed by it, he swears he has no memory of ever posing for it.

He Looked Like the Unabomber


This guy’s friends kept telling him that he looked like someone famous, and he assumed they were talking about a hunky celeb like Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa. But his heart sank when they told him he looked just like Ted Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber. Naturally, he tried to deny it, but then they showed him Kaczynski’s photo on the back of a book and even he had to admit that the resemblance was uncanny.

They Said He Had Never Taken a Good Photo

Public Domain

Ever since he was a young boy, he had a love for photography. Unfortunately, everyone around him was less than supportive and told him he would never take a good photo. But the boy didn't give up, and as he got older, he perfected his skills. Then one day, he recorded a wedding video and one of those friends who put him down when he was younger saw it and admitted that he was indeed gifted.

Professor Proved He Had a Big Mouth

Reddit / j_shor

Some professors will go above and beyond to find a metaphor or real life example that illustrates their theories. Take this guy, for example. He was teaching his students all about theorems and proofs. The example on the chalkboard said “I have a big mouth.” To prove it, he tried to stick his entire fist in his mouth and it worked. He also undoubtedly left a lot of his students speechless.

He Survived a Sandwich Robbery

Twitter / KeiFraser; Reddit / lawschoolwasamistake

Most people hear about robbers stealing cars and snatching purses, but no one ever really hears about a sandwich snatcher. It’s one of the reasons why this guy had to show proof that there was a report of a guy who tried stealing his sandwich in the middle of the street. It also shows just how heroic and possibly hungry this guy was because he was able to keep the snatchers from stealing his sandwich.

The Wheel That Ran Away


As an adult, this guy told a tale about how when he was a kid he tried to perform a wheelie, you know, that famous trick when a person rides their bike for a short distance with the front wheel raised off the ground. Well, that was certainly his intention, but his bicycle had a mind of its own when the front wheel disconnected from the rest of the bike. Since no one believed this happened, he shut up all the haters by uploading a photo of the incident.

She Couldn’t Put Her Blocks Away

Reddit / Djflish

Her mother had told her time and time again that she needed to put the blocks away, but the little girl kept insisting that she couldn’t do it. Naturally, the mother assumed her daughter was talking about having the time to do it, but that wasn’t the case. The little girl couldn’t put the blocks away because someone else had moved into the Mega Bloks bag.

He Proved He Could Live in a Storage Unit


Storage units are so small and have no windows with a view. So why would anyone want to live in one? More importantly, could anyone actually live in one? Well, this guy told his friends that it was possible but they didn’t believe him. So, he turned a storage unit into a habitable living space with all the comforts of home. It’s basically the size of a New York City apartment.

The Veggie Thanksgiving Platter

Reddit / charbok

There’s nothing worse than having people doubt your abilities to prepare a platter, especially on one of the most important U.S. holidays of the year— Thanksgiving. So, she set out to show everyone that she was still quite useful and creative in the kitchen by chopping vegetables and arranging them into this turkey work of art. Bet her family feels really dumb right now.

He Could Have Taken Her Purse

Imgur / PrfctDrk

If a cop had told her to lock her car door or she would end up with her purse stolen, she wouldn’t have believed them. So, a cop at the Dixon Police Department gave her the best “I told you so” a police officer could give someone, except she didn’t realize it had happened until she found the “Gotcha” card in her car. Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson.

The Fingerprints Gave Her Away


She claimed that she wanted a new iPad so she could work from home a little better. Well, she got her device, which she continued to insist made telecommuting so much easier, but her husband wasn’t convinced that she was using the iPad for work. After looking at her screen he realized he was right. It turns out that the fingerprint smudges on the screen were the result of her playing Candy Crush.

He Had an Ostrich in the Backseat


Most guys brag about having a girl or two in the backseat of their car, but no one ever really brags about having a live ostrich. That's why it was so hard for people to believe this guy who claimed he had one in his car. So, to prove he was telling the truth, he took a photo. It’s too bad that the snap doesn’t explain how he ended up with an ostrich in the backseat.

The Not-So Light Sleeper


A heavy sleeper is someone who doesn’t wake up quite so easily, so it’s not really necessary to walk on tip-toes or have conversations in a low voice in the kitchen or living room. Well, this guy’s girlfriend claimed she was a light sleeper which is the total opposite because she was always woke up easily. But her boyfriend disagreed and took this photo to prove to her that she wasn’t a light sleeper at all.

Meet the Perfectly Round Snowman


They say perfectionism is the need to be or appear to be perfect. In some cases, it’s the belief that one can achieve perfection, which is a tough thing to achieve. This person, however, was able to create a perfectly round snowman. And because he knew no one would believe that he achieved this miracle, he took a snap and posted it online.

He Was a Closeted Cat Person

Twitter / abb__schultz

A son told his father that he wanted to foster a bunch of stray cats. But his dad explained to him that it would be a bad idea because he wasn’t a cat person at all. Well, he might not have been, but the cats didn't care and really fell in love with dad. Eventually, they started swarming him and judging from this photo, he clearly has a newfound appreciation for the kitties.

Grandpa and His 8 Gal Pals


Most grandkids believe that their grandparents are just hyping up their life stories to sound more interesting, especially when one of them claims to be a true Casanova at the nursing home. But while some parents embellish, one grandfather wasn’t exaggerating one bit, at least, not when it came to the 8 girlfriends he claimed he had. His grandson didn’t believe him until the proof was staring him right in the face. Way to go, gramps!

Kitty’s An Insane Bully


A girlfriend screamed at her boyfriend “you need to control your cat because it’s an insane bully and it’s mistreating my cat.” But the boyfriend didn’t believe that their innocent kitty was capable of what they were accusing him of. Left with no other course of action, the girlfriend waited for the perfect moment until she could catch the kitty in action. She was finally able to snap a photo that proved they had a bully in the house.

Baby Held His Head Up


Most people don’t know this but newborn babies aren’t capable of holding their heads up. That’s why everyone didn’t believe this guy when he told them that his son was able to defy the odds and could hold his head up. But when they started shaking their heads in disbelief, he showed them this photo that he took of his son proving that he was indeed a very special baby. No wonder dad is so proud of his boy!

She Made a Froggy Fruit Salad

Reddit / underscore77

Their grandma had no faith in her family when it came to making the fruit salad for everyone who attended their BBQ gatherings. That’s when they realized that cutting a bunch of fruit and placing it in a glass bowl wouldn’t be enough. So, they carved a watermelon to look like a frog and then stuffed the mouth with watermelon balls, grapes and other types of fruits. Bet grandma feels real dumb right now.

Prove Her Wrong, Buy a Book


A husband was on a quest to get people to buy his old books, but his wife told him she didn’t think anyone would do it. So, he placed a table out by the sidewalk with some of his old books and a sign that said “Prove My Wife Wrong, Buy a Book, $5.” And lo and behold, people ended up buying every single book just to help the guy out. Talk about being neighborly!

He Kept a Pepsi Bottle for 35 Years


Never tell a man that he can’t do something because he’ll accept the challenge and prove you wrong. Just ask this person’s uncle, who kept a weird looking Diet Pepsi-Cola for over thirty years just so he could prove to his mom that he could after she told him that he wouldn’t. Now whether the Pepsi is drinkable is debatable, but maybe he could make some money by selling it on eBay.

He Needed a Dog


Most people don’t realize that they need a pet until they actually have one. Just ask this guy who repeatedly told his wife that he wasn’t a dog person and that they didn’t need one. Now that they have a dog, he can’t let go of him. In fact, he uses the pooch as a cuddle buddy on the couch whenever he takes a nap.

She Coined It!


This girlfriend totally coined the phrase “I told you so,” and there’s no point in denying it either. Her boyfriend argued with her that coins weren’t action figures that one could stand up because they didn’t have legs or a flat bottom. Then she made a total liar out of him when she stood a bunch of coins on their side.

They Don’t Have Tiled Floors


This husband thought the floor was disgusting but his wife didn’t. So, after arguing back and forth, she challenged him to prove he was right by only cleaning a section of the floor. It turns out that those tile floors weren’t really tile. They were just really, really dirty. Guess he won this round.

This Desk Is More Than Adequate

Reddit / SugaBoyOsheean

These parents bought their son a desk that he could use when he did his homework or surfed the web, but it wasn’t the one he wanted. His biggest complaint was that it wasn’t big enough to suit his needs. So, they set out to prove him wrong by doing a photo shoot that showed the desk was sturdy and more than adequate for his needs.

He Uses a Road Atlas to Prove He’s Right


The guy on this chair has been married for over sixty years, and in all that time, there’s nothing he has enjoyed more than to prove to his wife that he was right. But while most people in his position would use their Smartphone and Google Maps, this guy goes old school and whips out a road atlas and a magnifying glass.

He Dressed Like an Old Man

Reddit / WatDuztheFoxSay

The guy on the right dressed like an old man, at least, that’s what his girlfriend claimed. In fairness, that flannel shirt and vest did sort of prove her right, but he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel and admit she was right. Then, as he went into this public bathroom to wash his hands, he noticed that she was indeed right all along.

The Blind Cat Who Could Climb


His wife made him feel very small for allegedly wasting money on this playground contraption that she was sure that their blind cat would be unable to navigate. Admittedly, there was a brief moment when he thought she might have been right. Then he saw the blind cat achieve the impossible and he snapped a photo to rub it in his wife’s face later.

He Built a Sturdy Cabinet


Hiring someone to do your cabinets is a gamble because there’s no way to know for sure if they’re competent or not. But this contractor was willing to bet his reputation that he had installed a sturdy cabinet. To prove it, he climbed inside it and showed the homeowner that the cabinet was more than capable of holding a grown man’s weight.

He Was in Princeton’s League


This guy was told by his instructors and fellow marines that he would never get into Princeton University— one of the most prestigious schools on the planet. Were they psyching him because they were jealous or were they using reverse psychology to get him to do it? Who knows? But this marine was like the little engine that could and he had the approval letter to show it.

His Shirts Were Not the Same Color


His girlfriend kept complaining that all the shirts he owned were the same color. Well, after years of being teased by her, he grabbed all of his shirts, placed them around the bed in a circle and proved to her that his shirts were indeed all different shades of the colors blue and green. But although he won the battle, it wouldn’t hurt him to go out and buy himself a red or yellow colored shirt.

He Proved the Doctors Wrong

Imgur / VhagarCaraxes

This guy proved that persistence is not futile after working out for several years and pushing himself beyond his limits so he could lift this wheelchair above his shoulders. The ironic part of this is that doctors told him that he would probably not be able to pull a feat like this one ever again. But guess who had the last laugh?

She Used Reverse Psychology

Reddit / valjean260

This husband’s wife didn’t think he had it in him to build a wooden fence in their property, or did she? Well, his male ego was hurt, so he set out to prove her wrong by building her that fence she claimed he couldn’t build. But after telling her “I told you so,” he realized that she had used reverse psychology to get him to do something that she wanted by suggesting that he couldn’t.

Why She Sleeps Better Than Me


This guy’s wife kept shaking her head no every time he told her that she slept better than he did and there was a reason for that, but she didn’t believe him. Then, one night, he decided to prove to her he was right by snapping this photo that showed all these dogs using him as a pillow while she was sound asleep on her side of the bed.

Bullets Couldn’t Hurt Him

Public Domain

The guy on the left wasn’t Superman but he did invent the very first bulletproof vest. But at first, everyone was skeptical and he knew the only way to prove it worked was to become a test subject. So, he strapped the vest on, gave someone a gun, stood a couple of feet away and gave him permission to fire. As it turns, the vest did work and his smug little smile showed that he was confident that it would. But a part of him was probably counting his blessings, too.

He Told Her She Was Lazy

Facebook / Amruta Mane 

Her boyfriend knew she was lazy, at least when it came to painting her toenails. So, he smirked when she sent him a photo of a pair of shoes to get his opinion on whether she should buy them. He knew that she had only painted the first two toenails. Naturally, she denied it, but when he asked her to prove it, she took a photo of her foot without the shoes and confessed that he was right all along.

Revenge of the Horse

Tumblr / horseskeepmesane

Horses don’t talk, but they can definitely let their owners know when they’re doing something they don’t like. So, when the owner tried to braid this horse’s hair, it undoubtedly tried yanking its head to the side to get the human to stop. It might have even released a couple of whinny neighs. But the human braided its hair anyway and after they were done, the horse had the perfect revenge. It dunked its head in some water, walked over to its owner’s boots and spit the water into them. That’s horse speak for “I told you that you shouldn’t have braided my hair.”

He Thought He Solved the Rubix Cube


A color blind man was challenged to solve a Rubix cube. This in itself would have proven difficult since the blocks in a Rubix cube are different colors and the goal is to get the colors to match on each side. But the man was determined to prove to his friends he could do it and he did... or so he thought. He proudly placed the cube down and gave them an “I told you so” smile. And his friends felt so bad that they just let him believe that he had solved it.

She Didn’t Photoshop The Balanced Rocks

Youtube/Jonna Jinton

When Swedish YouTuber Jonna Jinton posted a photo showing how she balanced a bunch of rocks, netizens accused her of using Photoshop to give the illusion that the rocks were standing on their own. Was she upset by the allegations? Absolutely. But then she decided to do a real-time video to prove to everyone who doubted her that she had indeed managed to balance these rocks without digital trickery.

He Wanted the Dang Cat After All


This elderly man insisted that he didn’t want that “dang cat” when his grown-up kids got one for him to keep him company. This made sense since pets are like kids and he had spent most of his adult life taking care of his own children and was tired of doing so. But this photo proved that the man was an old softy with a big heart. And in less than no time, he and the kitty became inseparable.

There’s a Pole in the South Pole


Most people know that the Earth has a north and south magnetic pole and either way you visit will require winter gear. But this person had actually been to the south pole and had made a shocking discovery. There really is a pole in the south pole. But their friends didn’t believe them, so they took a photo next to the pole to show them that it was true. They didn’t need to say “I told you so” because the two thumbs up implied it.

He Had a Get Out of Jail Free Card


This one’s hilarious! A guy participated in what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. Unfortunately, things got out of hand and he ended up in handcuffs. But when the cops frisked him for weapons and controlled substances, they discovered that he had a Get Out of Jail Free card from Monopoly on him. The ironic thing about this discovery is that while the card would have worked great in the game, it didn’t work in the real word.

His Neighbor Was on Lockdown


This guy told his boss that his neighbor was on lockdown, which admittedly sounds like a bogus excuse to not come to work. So, his boss told him to prove it, and he did. He snapped this photo of a team of armed guards with guns aimed right at his neighbor’s door. This undoubtedly satisfied the boss, but if a supervisor has no faith in their employees, then that employee should look for a new job where their boss respects them.

He’s An Adult

Reddit / megalotusman

This person was told that they needed to hand in a doctor’s note to their boss to explain why they took a day off. As kids, everyone’s required to provide a doctor’s note or a note from their parent for an absence to be marked as excused or acceptable. But this person felt that adults shouldn’t be required to follow this rule, so they handed their boss a note that read “I’m an adult.” Can't argue with that logic!

She Rode in the Name of Freedom


This young woman living in Germany decided to ride her bike all the way from Muenster to Aachen. Wondering what the big deal is? It was a 10-hour trip and she did it all by herself. After she was done, she held up a sign that read “I Am Free,” and took a photo next to her bike. Then she posted it online so she could inspire other women around the world to hone their inner strength and not let anything stop them from achieving their goals.