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The Strangest Things Ever Caught on Trail Cameras

The Strangest Things Ever Caught on Trail Cameras July 29, 2021Leave a comment

Capturing animals doing interesting things at the right moment is not an easy feat. That's why many animal enthusiasts always keep their cameras and smartphones at reach. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical. And that is where trail cameras come into play.

Some animal enthusiasts have resorted to setting up cameras where they believe an animal will be present. And luckily for us, these cams captured some incredible animal antics!

A Deer Sticking Its Tongue Out


You'd expect a child would get caught sticking out their tongue in a picture. But a deer? That's definitely a new one! This playful deer spotted a trail camera and decided to stick its tongue out in defiance of whoever placed the device in its neighborhood. Can't say we blame him!

Bear Helping Bear


Wild animals aren’t always looking to attack each other for food. Take this photo for instance. You can see a large bear lifting a cub so that it can dig through the garbage bin looking for food. Is this a great example of teamwork or what?

An Army of Deer

Reddit / u/gattung

If there’s one thing humans should have learned by now it is that deer aren’t always as cute as Disney movies make them out to be. A trail camera caught a bunch of deer staring at the device, and judging by the looks on their faces, it's safe to assume they're not too welcoming of the technological device.

Bear Looting the Camper’s Food Supply


Campers are often told that if they need to store leftover food, they should tie it up high in a tree so wild animals won’t be able to reach it. But this clever bear didn't bat an eye and just pulled at the rope to get a taste of some poor camper's food.

Raccoon Used the Boar to Eat


While the boar was sleeping, this raccoon decided to feast. But instead of wasting his energy (and time) on the boar, the raccoon figured there might be food on top of its sleeping victim! The camera didn’t capture how hungry this little creature was, but it sure did capture it reaching out and grabbing a few tasty snacks from above.

Birds Picking on This Deer


Birds are generally small and gentle animals, but their ego and spunk can sometimes be ginormous. Take this bird who is trying to intimidate this seemingly frightened deer by spreading its massive wings.

A Raccoon Stares Off With a Deer


A raccoon and a deer were caught in the middle of a standoff, or rather a stare off from the looks of it, and things got tense. But if we had to bet money on this fight, we can't help but assume that the deer would win. Just look at its menacing eyes!

The Deer Who Likes Basketball

Facebook / Asolotraveler3

Who says that basketball is just for humans? This deer wouldn’t mind going one on one with Michael Jordan or LeBron James in the basketball court. Unfortunately, it would be a very short game, as this poor deer got the ball stuck in its antlers.

Don’t Mess With the Turkey Gang


Turkeys are pretty innocent and harmless creatures. But while a single turkey might not seem intimidating, an entire gang of turkeys can scare the living daylights out of the most fearless hunter.

Bobcats Raid the Feeding Instrument

Facebook / Texas Bowhunter

The trail cam doesn’t show who this feeding instrument was intended for, but whoever put it there didn't think a bunch of bobcats would tear it down as if there was no tomorrow. Oddly enough, it seems as though it’s every bobcat for themselves as they don’t appear to be helping one another out.

A Snap of the Grim Reaper

YouTube / Grabber Wocky

Most people know who the grim reaper is. He’s basically death personified. This mythical character is often depicted wearing a cloak and carrying a scythe which he uses to extract souls. But did this trail camera manage to capture an actual photo of him? It's either that or a random stranger who decided to dress up and play a prank.

This Fence Won’t Stop Him


This fox wasn’t about to let some pesky human fence get in the way of it getting to its prey. So, it started to dig and burrow its way through. And fortunately, thanks to the trail cam, this wild animal was caught in the act.

Raccoon Slips Through the Fence


This raccoon was caught squeezing its body between a fence and the ground. While there’s no way to know what he was trying to get to, it’s safe to assume that there was food on the other side of that fence.

Owl on the Prowl

Imgur / jamaicanmekaseyXoXo

They say owls are wise and peaceful, but as you can see on this trail camera footage, they can be fearless predators too. Take this owl, who is about to sink its sharp talons on the back of this poor, unsuspecting deer. The forest can be quite the battlefield, huh?

Deer Are Total Pranksters


Deer are known for being peaceful and gentle creatures. But this snap proves they can also be pranksters, too. The deer in the back seems to have snuck up behind his friend and given him a big old sloppy kiss for absolutely no reason.

Bird’s Looking Straight at You

YouTube / Texas Bowhunter

Like ostriches and other long-necked creatures, this bird doesn't scare easily. So, when it noticed that something was off, he took a menacing stance and decided that an eye-to-eye confrontation with the camera would let everyone know who's the boss around this neck of the woods.

Peek-a-Boo, Bear Sees You


This poor bear thought he was all alone prancing around in the middle of nowhere. But then he spotted the camera and looked more like a deer caught in a headlight. Maybe the bear was looking for a place to go to the bathroom in private and he is now totally embarrassed.

Eagle Versus Eagle


It’s rare to see one eagle in action, let alone two. In this shot, a bald eagle and another eagle from a different species are engaging in a mid-air battle. Both creatures have their talons out so you know they mean business.

Raccoon Sprayed His Friends


This raccoon was trying to get to the bird feeder above so him and his friends could have some food. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get to the food, but he did spray the bird seeds around so his hungry buddies could eat. Maybe this act of kindness earned it some points among its kind. Who knows?

Rabbit in the Hole


Unlike other wild animals, rabbits are rather small and don’t have a wide set of claws they can use to defend themselves. So, when they perceive a threat, they look for places to hide. And this rabbit found a perfect hiding spot inside this tube in the middle of nowhere.

This Otter’s Munching on Fish

YouTube / CuddleRock

This otter was trying to enjoy a little midnight snack, which from the looks of it is some kind of fish. But it doesn’t seem to be taking too kindly to being photographed while doing so. Maybe he's camera shy. We don't blame him!

Porcupines Are About to Duke It Out


These two porcupines are doing one of two things. They’re either looking into each other’s eyes because they’ve fallen hopelessly in love, or they’re about to have one epic fight. Either way, we will likely never know the outcome.

This Bird Is Way Too Close


The object covering the right half of this photo isn’t some kind of technical glitch. It’s the beak of a bird who was obviously very curious about the camera. It’s safe to say that the cam owner will have to spend some money on repairs after its visit.

This Stack of Raccoons

u/steffinator117 / Reddit

These homeowners placed some bird feed way up high so that wild animals wouldn’t be able to get to it. But they underestimated these raccoons, who decided to climb on top of each other so that one of them could get to the feed. In the end, the only thing the homeowners had left was the evidence of what these raccoon rascals had done.

Oh, Deer! That Hair!


The thing about deer is that they tend to stick their heads anywhere in order to look for food. In this case, this deer ended up with some tumbleweed stuck to their antlers.

Raccoon Gets a Piggy Back Ride

Twitter / @NomeDaBarbarian

There’s no way that this raccoon would be able to reach the food without a little help, so he decided to take a ride on the back of this boar. Who knew that raccoons and pigs made such great allies in the animal kingdom?

Two Felines in Love


Ever wondered what cats do in the middle of the night when their owners are asleep? Well apparently, they like to meet up with their significant others and have a romantic encounter under the stars. Just ask these two who are seemingly kissing like teenagers in love.

Deer on Two Legs


Generally, animals walk on all four legs with a few rare exceptions like bears that sometimes walk on their hind legs when confronting a threat. But it turns out that some deer like to walk on two legs just like we do when they think that no one’s looking.

Raccoons Rolling Around in Food

Facebook / Nicki Phifer

As far as these raccoons are concerned, food is like cash, and if that’s the case, then the ones in this photo are rolling in it... literally. Who knew that food could make someone this happy?

Fox Cubs Nursing


It’s rare to capture beautiful moments like this one where we can see a mother fox feeding her cubs. It looks like some of the siblings might have to wait their turn!

Flying Squirrel on the Move


This deer looks like it’s in the process of running and there’s a good reason for that. Notice that thing flying in the background? That’s a squirrel and it’s about to unleash a major aerial attack on Bambi over here.

Another Squirrel Attack

Imgur / mfulllk

This hidden trail cam caught yet another flying squirrel mere moments before landing on the unsuspecting deer down below. Granted, there’s no way the squirrel can eat the deer, but it can probably be extremely annoying.

Buffalo and the Leopard


Is that a leopard sitting on the back of this buffalo? No. Obviously, these two did not defy the laws of the animal kingdom and became friends. The leopard is merely sitting in the background while the buffalo is closer to the camera. But when the camera took this photo, it created this interesting optical illusion.

Raccoon Photobombs Grazing Deer


This cam shot of those two deer grazing in the background would have been cool enough. But it was made even more interesting by this raccoon that took center stage. It’s almost as if it knew that there was a camera hidden on the trail.

Howling at the Moon


Wolves aren’t the only ones who throw their necks back and howl at the sky. In most cases, coyotes and wolves only howl to communicate with one another or to scare off anyone looking to go after a prey that they’ve targeted.

The Easter Bunny is in Distress

Facebook / Field and Stream

Looks like Easter is about to get cancelled or at the very least, it’s going to get postponed. That’s because there’s a wild predator just a couple of feet away from that fluffy white rabbit.

Deer and Their Antlers

Facebook / Outdoorlife

Deer often use their antlers for defensive purposes, but sometimes, they use them to carry stuff, like this deer who has a bucket between his antlers. But whether this was done intentionally or by accidental is still unknown.

A Bigfoot Sighting

Facebook / Casey Kedrowski

There’s no way to know for sure if this is the infamous and elusive Bigfoot monster, but it certainly looks a lot like him. Then again, it could just be a human in a Bigfoot costume taking a walk in the middle of the woods.

Deer Caught in Headlights Look

Imgur / Field and Stream

Everyone’s heard of the expression “like a deer caught in headlights” because deer tend to stand in the middle of the road looking at the headlights of approaching vehicles. But this adorable deer was attracted by the trail cam light which led to this lovely photo.

This Deer Skewered a Pig


Deer have antlers to impress their mates and to scare off any competition. But sometimes, deer use their antlers to defend themselves from an attack. They can easily end up in an uncomfortable situation like this one, where a deer accidentally skewered a pig decoration with its antlers. How is he going to get it off?

Deer Love to Bipedal

Reddit / u/whatsinthesafe

Bipedal is a term used to identify an animal, generally a human, who walks on two legs. Now most people assume that deer walk on four legs, but as you can see in this photo, some deer prefer to walk on two hooves.

Deer Caught Flying

Facebook / 이런거 좋아하뉘?

We’ve all heard the stories of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer, but as adults, we stopped believing in such things. But this snap might have made a few grownups believe in magic all over again. Of course, this deer isn't flying. The camera just happened to capture him jumping in mid-air.

Raccoon Got Caught in the Fence


While most animals choose to crawl under the fence with their dinner, this raccoon thought it would be a good idea to climb over the fence with it. But of course, he ended up getting tangled and he's going to have to let his meal go.

Doe a Deer, Three Naughty Deer

Reddit / u/jalogan1

These trail cam pictures seem to have captured what appeared to be two deer mating. Then, the couple became a throuple. Who knew that deer were such naughty creatures?

Coyote Versus Two Deer

Imgur / Taintertots

Coyotes always seem so fierce, but this one looks like it’s in quite a bind. Here he is, facing two deer who don’t seem intimidated in the least by this wild animal’s fangs or growl.

Mountain Lion on the Hunt

Reddit / u/floridanature

That mountain lion is going to have a good night. Unfortunately for the boar behind those tree trunks, he should've stayed inside his cave. Ouch!

This Spooky Kid

YouTube / Wild Game

So, this might just be some kid roaming the woods at night for no apparent reason. Maybe he sleepwalked out of his home. But the fact that his eyes are glowing bright makes this one spooky snap.