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These Things That Look Like Other Things Will Make Anyone Do a Double Take

These Things That Look Like Other Things Will Make Anyone Do a Double Take November 2, 2020Leave a comment

There are tons of optical illusions around the web, but these quirky photos are so mind-boggling, they made us do a double take. Some of these photos were so hard to understand at first glance, they left us stumped for a few seconds.

Who’s ready for their mind to play tricks on them? If you think you'd know a decorated Christmas tree from a rocket launch at first glance, you might overestimate your abilities to see these crazy illusions...

An Armadillo That Looks Like a Baby Dragon

Reddit / __messy__

No, we aren’t looking at baby pictures of one of the three dragons from “Game of Thrones.” This baby armadillo just happens to look like Rhaegal, Daenerys Targaryen's ferocious companion on the TV show. Well, he may be an armadillo, but he’s got 100% dragon blood for sure.

Not Our Grandma’s Knitting

Reddit / Jose Zarate

Is 2020 so boring, that even spiders are getting into crochet to pass the time? Nope, this is a frozen spider web that happens to look like someone’s macramé project. Hey! At least the spiders didn’t get frozen too!

Luna and Artemis’ True Doppelgangers

Reddit / JoshuaForLong

This white cat’s shadow almost looks like a black cat is standing by its side. And that’s because it is! There are actually two cats sitting side by side – a handsome white cat and a furry black sidekick. Don’t they look exactly like Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon?

Not Just One of Van Gogh’s Paintings

Reddit / Nikoolisphotography

At first glance, this looks like an obscure painting by Van Gogh. After all, his dramatic signature brushstrokes are easy to spot. But this painting optical illusion is actually just a pattern a Redditor found on some rocks that look like a close up of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh.

Christmas Trees or Rocket Launch?

Reddit / alexandrosdimo

The weather outside if frightful, and these Christmassy trees are so delightful, right? Well, they are! But doesn’t this photo also look like a couple of rockets launching into space? We may not be witnessing an epic rocket launch but these trees wrapped in Christmas lights are just as beautiful.  

An Amazonian Forest? Think Again

Reddit / PorkfatWilly

This aerial shot does a great job at capturing the larger-than-life Amazonian forest. This photo even looks like the establishing scenes of an epic adventure movie like “Jurassic Park.” But wait a minute! This isn’t a photo of a paradisiacal valley. It’s just the top of a fence post. Go figure!

A Rare Photo Opportunity

Instagram / francisco_sojuel

Landscape photographer Francisco Sojuel captured an astounding image that looks like an asteroid ring wrapped around the moon. But a quick double take will show this photo is nothing but smoke and mirrors (and a tricky angle!). This is actually a sheet-like cirrostratus cloud. They usually appear 12 to 24 hours before a snow storm or rain storm, and they’re made out of ice crystals.

Someone Adopted a Bear


Whoever adopted this baby bear is in for a rude awakening when it finally grows old and becomes a terrifying beast. Oh, wait. Never mind. It’s just a doggo with a bear-like hairdo right after taking a bath. Well, it’s un-bear-ably cute either way.

This Kitty Just Had a Great Idea

Reddit / lucyvlt

Cats get lots of ideas. Sadly, most of them involve breaking lamps, clawing a sofa, sleeping on a keyboard, or running around at 5 a.m. to wake their owners up. But this is just another optical illusion that makes it look like there’s a light bulb on top of this kitty’s head.

Don’t Get Hiss-terical Just Yet!

Reddit / Sandraweepling

Don’t let it fool ya! Those are not venomous snakes looming in the shadows of a wild and primeval forest. While this mysterious creature resembles two threatening predators, it’s actually the wings of the beautiful Atlas moth.

The Sky is Lava

Reddit / nprovince101

The first thing we thought when we laid eyes on this pic was “Mother Nature really outdid herself with these molten lava flows.” After all, there isn’t a greatest artist on earth than her! But after doing a quick double take we realized this is just a gorgeous shot of the sun setting behind clouds.

The Cutest Baby Hippo on the Land

Reddit / Unentertained

What happens when someone shaves a baby guinea pig and takes a photo from the side? We end up with a cute baby hippopotamus lookalike. If we saw this at a pet shop, we’d definitely have to do a double take.

A Recipe That Calls for Two Cups of Cuteness

Reddit / Humphrey07

If it weren’t for this cat’s adorable little face, we would’ve assumed this was nothing but a bowl of flour that someone left on the kitchen countertop before fetching other ingredients to bake a cake. This proves we should always double check before throwing anything in the oven!

A Living and Breathing Pine Cone

Reddit / thebigleobowski

Is it a hedgehog? Is it a piece of tree bark? Or is it a pine cone? Nope, it’s actually an adorable baby bird that was found near the border between Brazil and Argentina. Luckily, the person who found it posted a photo on Reddit and some commenters identified it as a Striped Cuckoo.

Snow Has a Mind of Its Own

Reddit / DaturaMuril

The owner of this car probably wants to protect it from the harsh winter months, but they didn’t throw a fuzzy blanket on their car to keep it warm at night. It’s actually some snow that for some mysterious reason ended up perfectly folded on top of the car.

An Eggs-quisite Beach

Instagram / giannistsou.1

Ahh! This paradisiacal beach is exactly what the doctor ordered! Visitors can relax next to crystal-clear turquoise waters and picturesque mountains cliffs that engulf Seychelles beach. Not only that, but they’ll also get to rest their backs on the soft rounded pebbles around the water. Doesn't it look like someone scattered a bunch of hard boiled eggs on the beach?

The Most Picture-Perfect Illusion

Reddit / _newphonewhodis

There’s a great many incredible artists whose realistic paintings get mistaken for photographs. But this isn’t a painting or a photograph. It’s actually the window of a house that’s sitting along a beautiful coast.

Bad Taxidermy or Just a Snapchat Filter?

Reddit / critterwalk

This creature looks like the type of taxidermy “décor” we’d expect to find at a cheap hotel, complete with fake googly eyes and a vacant stare. But this odd-looking pup is actually Jubilee, a real-life dog who happens to be a bit unphotogenic. Hey! She’s serving some taxidermy realness! And despite having a bad angle, she’s still oh-so cute.

Ever Been to the Everglades?

Reddit / Your_Future_Attorney

Doesn’t this shot look like someone flew over the Everglades in Florida and snapped a photo? Well, as tricky as it sounds, this is nothing but a big old puddle of water by a rock. But it does look like the type of swampland where alligators and other wildlife roam free, doesn’t it?

A Colossal Lego Playground

Reddit / Thetrg

Nope, these aren't part of a special edition all-white Lego set. It’s actually what a company’s cooling system looks like after a snow storm. Doesn’t it look like a massive Lego set only a giant could play with?

Are We Seeing Stars?

Reddit / shady_robot

This beautiful flower looks like something that came straight out of the movie “Avatar.” But these very-much real “galaxy flowers” are a unique hybrid known as the Night Sky Petunia, a flower that’s known for its constellation-inspired blossoms that would steal any gardener’s heart.  

Ready For a Fiesta!

Reddit / morgiibee

This cute-as-a-button turtle looks like it’s ready to blast some mariachi music, grill some carne, and dance until the late hours of the night with its adorable Mexican sombrero. But take a second glance! It’s actually this turtle's shell.

Someone Ran into a Baby Dinosaur

Reddit / Brick_in_the_dbol

This tiny fellow looks like it came out of “Jurassic Park,” but this isn't a 3D rendering of a dinosaur or an intricate sculpture. This rare creature is a baby Snapping Turtle, and it's just as real as every one of us. Its lifespan is about 30 years. But given the right conditions, it can live up to 50 years!

The Uncanny Blue Mosaic Illusion

Reddit / airpixels

Stained glass art isn’t easy. Not only does it take incredible attention to detail but it also takes a lot of practice to be able to cut through glass while sticking each piece next to the other. But this isn’t a close up of stained glass artwork. This is actually a photo of rice fields taken from above. 

This Jumping Dog’s Limbs Have Disappeared

Reddit / @infinite_burrito

This fluff puddle likes to jump over grates on the street while they’re walking, but when they do so, their little arms and legs disappear into their fluffy body, creating this absolutely hilarious illusion.

The Reflection of the Lamp in a Pair of Glasses

Reddit / @2mamas

Imagine the surprise to find your own glasses looking back at you! The reflection of this perfectly placed lamp looks exactly like a pair of bloodshot eyes, which would make anyone working from home jump out of their chair.

A Black Hole Has Appeared on a Pillow

Reddit / woodgie2

Having a black cat comes with tons of surprises. They’ll always be hidden at night, in shadows and under the table. But they also create some pretty mysterious photo ops when these bundles of joy snuggle up in a perfect ball.

Frost on the Roof of a Car Looks Like a Satellite Shot of Earth

Reddit / @vmos

At a first glance, this photo looks like a photo of the planet Earth taken from outer space, complete with cloud formations and islands visible. But it is actually frost that collected on a car’s roof overnight and what looks like could formations is really just ice.

This Lake View Yard Looks Like A Path to the Sky

Reddit / @whackmo

The cloudy blue sky reflecting off of this crystal clear lake looks like something that would only exist in a work of art. It totally seems as though the dock is leading directly into a sunny sky.

This Pup Looks Like He Was Cut in Half

Reddit / esquonk

Oh no! This log creates the illusion that the poor dog in this photo was victim to a magician’s ‘saw an audience member in half’ trick! Luckily, as anyone can tell from the nonchalant expression on this dog’s face, he’s completely fine.

The Reflection of a Bakery’s Goods in the Window

Reddit /Flynnbojangels

It looks as if someone is attempting to steal today’s pies and bread from their local bakery! But actually, it is just the reflection that makes it appear as if all of the baked goods are located in the back of a pickup truck when they’re actually safely stored inside.

When the Sun is Directly Overhead, There Are No Shadows

Reddit / mike_pants_

This image might look like a screenshot taken in a video game with poor graphics, but it’s actually a photo taken outside of a gas station in Hawaii while the sun was directly overhead. It must have been so much stranger to witness this phenomenon in person.

These Dogs Look Like They Have Joined Together

Reddit / @NegativePitch

Is this Cerberus’s long lost brother? No, it’s just two normal dogs, one of which happens to be invading the other’s personal space. But they’re both good boys who deserve a pet on the head from their owner.

Two Pigeons Perched on a Ledge Overlooking a Parking Lot

Reddit / @TastyTalk

This is what it looks like when a couple of pigeons forget where they parked. Kidding, it’s actually a picture taken from the second story of the parking lot, where these two little guys were standing on the ledge.

Snow Melting Off of the Roof Looks Like a Tornado

Reddit / @-sUBzERoo-

When an object, like this icicle, perfectly lines up with the horizon, it can create some pretty strange illusions. This normal piece of ice looks like its a twisting and turning ice tornado that will soon destroy everything around it.

Where Are the Bride’s Legs?

Reddit / @camhanson

This bride was so happy when she got to view her wedding photos, but her sister was just confused. When she posted this photo online, she captioned it, “For the past 10 minutes I've been trying to explain to my sister-in-law that it looks like her legs are over her husbands shoulders...she doesn't see it.”

The Drinks Look Like Bar Stools

Reddit / @madcaplarks

At a first glance, this just looks like a photo of any normal bar with an array of bar stools. But after a second look, its easy to see that those bar stools are really drinks with foamy tops sitting on the top of the bar!

Where Did the Cat’s Body Go?

Reddit / redditdadssuck

This cat looks like it’s auditioning for a bit part in “Beetlejuice” as a cat who got in a strange and unfortunate accident. So where is its body? It’s hidden under the folds of the cover of the cushion, completely camouflaging his body.

A Kite Sails the Seven Seas

Reddit / @bijoubear

This perfectly timed photo makes it look like this pirate ship kite is actually sailing on the water. It’s just a kite in the air, but the way it is perfectly aligned with the horizon would fool anyone.

A Floating Cruise Ship at the Coal Harbor

Reddit / @quanticnick

The angle of this photo makes it look like this cruise ship has rested on two spokes high above the ground. That looks like a very dangerous place to park a ship, that is, if it was actually there.

The Sunset’s Reflection Looks Like a Burst of Flames

Reddit / PeteLX

If you looked over at your neighbor’s balcony and saw this, any reasonable person would immediately call the fire department or run out of the building. But the reality is just a reflection of the glowing sunset on glass, there’s no need for alarm!

A Building Seemingly Designed by M.C. Escher

Reddit / @Mouse_fighter

The shadows on the windows of this building create an optical illusion that make it look like the side of the building is concave where it is actually flat. Any design fan would applaud the sense of mystery that this architecture creates!

A Giant Bug Scales a Skyscraper

Reddit / @HooptyDooDooMeister

This is either an unlikely sequel to Godzilla, or a perfectly timed photograph. Thankfully for the citizens of this metropolitan area, it’s the latter, but this is one way to imagine how 2020 could get any worse!

An Invisible Mirrored Building

Reddit / @malgoya

At a first glance, this is just a photograph of a bright blue sky. But focusing on the outline of the building pictured, it becomes clear that this mirrored skyscraper is doing an incredible job camouflage itself from the city around it.

Ships Traveling Through the Sky

Reddit / @bart59

The clear water on this day and the sun shining through the water make it appear as it these ships have defied gravity to sail high above the water. In actuality, it’s just a beautiful day by the shore.

Is it a Puddle, or a Beach?

Reddit / @BrandonHarwood

This photo was taken in Iceland and although it may appear to be an aerial photograph of a deserted beach below, it is actually a photo of a puddle. If you look at the foliage on the side of the photo it’s a bit easier to tell, but this is definitely a great illusion.

A Glowing Castle or a Light’s Reflection?

Reddit / @MadnessDreamer

While staying at a hotel, this person caught a glimpse of a small glowing castle in their mug, leading to a lot of questions until they looked up and realized it was just the reflection of the chandelier above.

This Hotel’s Ominous Hallways

Reddit / @TwineTime

The carpet and lighting combination the hotel owner’s chose create a scary illusion that would make any guest afraid to walk through these halls by themself at night. Hopefully this hotel isn’t as terrifying as the hallways make it seem!

Cookies Create a Reflection of One Giant Cookie 

Reddit / @robije

While this person was baking cookies, they noticed one hidden cookie on the reflection of their mixing bowl. It looks like these chocolate cookies became one giant chocolate chip cookie.