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Australian Man, 23, Becomes World’s Youngest Grandfather

Australian Man, 23, Becomes World’s Youngest Grandfather October 8, 2018

World's youngest grandfather

    Tommy Connolly had everything. A solid part-time job, friends and a great family. He was even a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. As far as anyone was concerned, there was nothing out of the ordinary about his life. But then, when he least expected it, Tommy got a phone call that completely upended his life. Because it presented a challenge with which even an older, more experienced man would struggle. But Tommy stepped up to the plate and took it on. And that’s just the beginning of how 23-year-old Tommy Connolly became the world’s youngest grandfather…

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    World's youngest grandfather
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    After college, Tommy Connolly got into the realty business. He did this by setting up a company with his business partner and Un-Realty co-founder, Reece Purcell. But it wasn’t easy.