Couple Boards Wrong Plane And Ends Up 800 Miles From Their Destination

Couple Boards Wrong Plane And Ends Up 800 Miles From Their Destination April 18, 2022Leave a comment

A British couple looking to travel back home to the UK after a trip to France were stunned to find out that they had boarded the wrong plane mid-flight. Elise Mallina and Jessy Jezequel boarded the Ryanair flight hoping to land in Stansted, near London, but they were actually headed to Madrid in Spain

"An hour into our flight, Jessy said he thought he heard a flight attendant say Madrid, but we thought he had dreamed it,” Elise later explained. "But after that we started realizing all the flight attendants were speaking Spanish.”

"When we asked, they told us we were going to Madrid - and we had no idea how that was possible,” Elise continued. The mystery gets stranger when you realize that the couple both had their boarding passes scanned multiple times before they boarded the flight, which should have easily resolved the issue.

Instagram / Elise Mallia

"We were baffled and so were the flight attendants," Elise said. "We got home in the end, but we still have no idea how it happened.” The couple noticed the Madrid boarding gate located next to the gate next to the Stansted gate earlier, but never dreamed that they would accidentally board the wrong flight.

"Everyone thought we were crazy at first - until we showed them our boarding passes. How did nobody notice our boarding passes, or notice there were two extra passengers on the flight?” Elise continued. 

The mystery becomes clear thanks to a spokesperson for Ryanair who explained that, "Mr. Jezequel and Ms. Mallia boarded their flight from Marseille to London Stansted through the correct gate. However, these passengers then failed to follow the allocated route to the aircraft departing for London Stansted, crossed an unauthorized area and wrongly boarded a flight departing to Madrid.”