Hostess To Send Drone Deliveries To Lucky Fans Named Joy

Hostess To Send Drone Deliveries To Lucky Fans Named Joy June 11, 2024Leave a comment

Hostess To Send 'Joy Drop' Drone Deliveries To Lucky Fans Named Joy

Hostess is partnering with DroneUp to launch Hostess Joy Drops, and 100 people with the first, middle or last name Joy will receive a package full of snacks and swag, with some in select cities delivered by drone.

Starting June 11 through July 2, fans can visit to nominate themselves or another person with Joy in their name for the chance to receive a surprise package filled with Hostess treats for "a moment of carefree joy."

One hundred winners will be selected to receive a Joy Drop filled with snacks and swag including Powdery Donettes mini donuts and crème-filled Twinkies snack cakes, along with reusable water balloons and other toys and games.

"We believe in helping families elevate small moments of joy and togetherness in everyday life to create connections, and our snacks reinforce that," Chris Balach, Vice President of Marketing, Sweet Baked Snacks, at The J.M. Smucker Co., said in a statement. "We are excited to further inspire carefree joy among families this summer in an innovative way, by literally dropping joy."

The Joy Drops will be powered by DroneUp, an autonomous drone delivery company, in select cities in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Winners in other locations will receive their Joy Drops by mail.

"At DroneUp, we've been working with industry leaders in retail and restaurants for the past few years, making drone delivery and convenience a reality for customers," said Greg James, vice president, business development at DroneUp. "This summer, we're thrilled to collaborate with Hostess, bringing our innovative drone technology to their delicious snacks. Together, we'll deliver joy, ensuring guaranteed smiles - faster than ever before."

Summer is the time when U.S. millennial parents say joyful moments are most needed, according to a survey commissioned by Hostess and conducted by Talker Research. Surveyed parents said their families are in greatest need of joyful moments during summer break (34%) followed by winter (18%) and the holiday break (15%).

According to the survey results, 91% of parents say everyday moments of joy can have a positive impact on both their own and their child's wellbeing, and 89% of parents reported trying to make a typical day at home feel more fun.

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