Video of A Husband Who Proposes to His Wife with Alzheimer’s Every Week Went Viral

Video of A Husband Who Proposes to His Wife with Alzheimer’s Every Week Went Viral August 27, 2021Leave a comment

It’s the small acts of kindness that really keep relationships steady throughout years, or even decades, of marriage. A simple purchase of a vase of flowers is sure to warm your spouse’s heart, even after they know all of your quirks. But for one couple, it’s a unique ritual that keeps the spark alive, even though one of them has trouble remembering most of their past together. Tik Tok user Katy Kat captured an incredible moment between her parents, who have been married for 45 years. They have spent most of their days together, but since her mother’s onset of Alzheimer’s disease, their connection was expected to falter. 


This one hits home. It runs in my family.

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But the Tik Tok user’s father obviously still loves his wife with every bone in his body because once a week he dresses up to propose to his wife all over again. And even though his wife doesn’t remember that the couple said their vows to each other a long time ago, she says yes to him every time he proposes. The incredible video quickly gained over 12 million views on the social media platform because the incredible love shared between the two spouses was so heart warming. 

The video explains that although the wife “may not remember [her husband], she remembers how he made her feel.” As Alzheimer’s disease is becoming a more common burden in the world with over 47 million people worldwide dealing with the illness, it’s important to remember how to show love to the people who are close to us, even as their memories start to fade.