Jacob Elordi Under Investigation For Allegedly Assaulting Radio Producer

Jacob Elordi Under Investigation For Allegedly Assaulting Radio Producer February 6, 2024Leave a comment

Jacob Elordi in Amazon Prime film Saltburn

Police are investigating after actor Jacob Elordi allegedly assaulted a radio host in Australia over the weekend. Joshua Fox, a producer for iHeartRadio's "The Kyle & Jackie O Show," approached Elordi at the Clovelly Hotel in the suburbs of Sydney on Saturday and asked for his bathwater, a reference to a scene in his movie "Saltburn."

During the morning radio show on Monday, Fox said that he jokingly requested the bathwater as a birthday present for host Jackie O, but Elordi didn't find it funny. In an alleged recording of the beginning of the encounter, Elordi can be heard asking, "Are you kidding? Are you filming? Can you not, man, please?"

Fox claimed on the radio show that he stopped recording at that point, but Elordi then "gets up in my face" and "demands I delete the footage."

"I'm backed against this wall. He's right in my face, and his two boys are now on either side of me," Fox said. "It's like a switch went off, and he's becoming quite aggressive, and I'm feeling intimidated."

Jacob Elordi in Amazon Prime film Saltburn
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Fox said he initially agreed to delete the video, but changed his mind about deleting the video after being confronted like that.

“The way they’re surrounding me, I’m thinking something’s going to happen here. Someone’s going to jump me or something. So I say, 'no, I’m not deleting that',” Fox recounted. "I refuse to because I feel uncomfortable right now, and this is the only evidence. And then Jacob kind of just flips, and he kind of pushes me against the wall, and his hands are on my throat.”

The New South Wales Police Force confirmed an investigation into the incident, but no charges had yet been brought.

"Officers attached to Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are investigating after a man was allegedly assaulted outside a hotel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs," police said in a statement. "The man did not sustain any injuries. Inquiries into the incident is continuing."

Fox said Monday that as he walked away from the encounter, one of Elordi's friends followed him to ask him again to delete the recording. He said police later contacted him to tell him they obtained surveillance video from outside the hotel.

Story via TMX