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The Absolute Worst Contracts In MLB History

The Absolute Worst Contracts In MLB History May 23, 2018

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    MLB teams were astonishingly withholding in 2018. They spent so little that the MLBPA filed a grievance against four teams – the Marlins, Athletics, Pirates, and Rays – claiming they weren’t spending their revenue-sharing money appropriately. Why the sudden frugality? Look no further than these, the worst MLB contracts of all time.

    Jason Bay

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    After a monstrous 2009 in Boston, the Mets inked Bay to a four-year, $66 million deal they’d almost immediately regret. The left fielder was awful when he played, which was rare, hitting .234/.318/.369 in just 288 games over three seasons before the team mercifully bought him out of his contract.