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Old Man Adopts Alligator After Kids Leave For College, Then This Happens

Old Man Adopts Alligator After Kids Leave For College, Then This Happens July 26, 2019Leave a comment

Most people, when they feel lonely around the house, they get a dog. Well, this is not what a man from Japan did. Instead of adopting a dog or a kitten, the man decided to take things to the next level and buy an alligator! Yes, you read that right. The Japanese man is holding an alligator in his house and he couldn't be happier about it. How did it all happen and what did the kids think of it?

20. Friendly Animals

If there is something that everyone knows about alligators, then it has to be the fact that they are not the friendliest of the bunch. There aren't that many people who had a close encounter with an alligator and lived to tell the story.

19. Dangerous Beasts

Even though alligators are dangerous beasts, today's story will reveal that alligators can be quite friendly. They also have feelings and get attached to humans.

18. The Japanese Man

This is the Japanese man and his unusual pet, a Cayman alligator. The craziest thing about this is that the man is keeping the alligator in his home.

17. Home Pet

While you might expect the Japanese man to keep the alligator in a special cage or water tank, this is not the case. The reptile sleeps inside the man's home alongside his family. What do the other members of his family think about it?

16. Cayman On A Leash

I bet you never expected to see a ferocious Cayman alligator on a leash today. This is a rare sight and we don't think that there are any other alligators who would let someone put a leash on them.

15. Sweet Dreams

The Japanese man loves his pet very much and he doesn't let it sleep on the floor. The alligator has a special bed where he sleeps and he always stays tucked in.

14. Together Forever

The reason why the alligator and the old man get so well along is because they have been together since forever. The Japanese man remembers that he bought the alligator 34 years ago.

13. Great Memories

The man has lots of amazing memories with the alligator. The ferocious beast has always been by his side, even when his children were growing up.

12. Giant Beast

The alligator is no longer a small reptile and it now weighs in at 46 kg! To make things even scarier, the alligator is 2.1 meters long.

11. Dinosaur

Isn't it incredible how a man has managed to basically tame a dinosaur? We only see this kind of stuff in Sci-Fi movies and cartoons.

10. Biting People

One of the most interesting things about this alligator is that he never tried to bite anyone. He grew up around humans and he doesn't see them as a threat.

9. Expensive Food

Since the alligator doesn't have what to hunt in the busy streets of Japan, the man needs to buy all his food from the local market. As you can clearly imagine, the expenses to have an alligator as a pet are pretty big, since you don't feed them Purina dog food, for instance.

8. Leaving For College

The man says that ever since his children left for college, he has been spending more and more time with his alligator. The ferocious beast has never left his side and he is grateful for that.

7. Adorable Pet

While most people would get a dog to keep them company after their children leave for college, this man decided to do things his own way and get an alligator.

6. Thieves

Another thing that we can be sure about has to be the fact that the man never has to worry about thieves breaking into his house late at night. The alligator will be waiting for them!

5. Local Celebrity

The man spends most of his days walking on the streets of Japan and his alligator pet has become a local celebrity. Everyone stops to take a picture with the reptile, especially the little kids.

4. Taking Pictures

The alligator doesn't shy away from taking pictures and instead, it actually likes to pose around people. Isn't that cool?

3. Teaching Kids

The man is using his local fame as an opportunity to teach children valuable lessons about reptiles. Alligators are not that easy to find in Japan and kids love to see them.

2. Visiting Schools

The man is invited to schools quite often because there's no better way to teach kids about alligators other than to show them one.

1. Best Friend

This picture is not of a man and his pet. It's a picture of a man and his best friend. These two have been together for 34 years and no one is ever going to break them apart.