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The 25 Most Controversial Comedians Working Today

The 25 Most Controversial Comedians Working Today September 24, 2019Leave a comment

    Thinking back to the 1980s, we’ve been given plenty of comedians that have graced our minds and our days with laughter. Sure, most comedians can be offensive, but not every comedian is controversial— on purpose. We’re going to give you a few who choose to perform outside of the lines and those who don’t try to, but they end up out there anyway. What are you going to do?

    Chris D’Elia


    Chris D’elia isn’t the first comedian you think of when you think of the word controversy. But his comedy specials Incorrigible and Man on Fire aren’t for the faint of heart. He is known to dive into what he finds wrong with society and what irks him. And most times, flowery language isn’t involved in those bits. He tends to make fun of everyone, including himself, so be careful if you’re ever in the audience.