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Where Are They Now? The Cast of ‘The Office’

Where Are They Now? The Cast of ‘The Office’ September 6, 2019Leave a comment

    After a nine-season run that changed the way we think about sitcoms, “The Office” aired its final episode in May 2013. Six years later, the show is still endlessly rewatchable on Netflix, but the cast has moved on to other projects. If you’ve been wondering where you can see your favorite “Office” stars today, here’s an update on the direction their careers have taken since the show ended.

    Steve Carell: Then

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    After a stint as a “Daily Show” correspondent and supporting roles in “Anchorman” and “Bruce Almighty,” Steve Carell’s career was just taking off when he started playing the lead role of bumbling boss Michael Scott. Michael’s immature and inappropriate humor could have been off-putting, but Carell brought so much heart to the character that it was hard not to love him despite his flaws. The show was never quite the same after he decided to leave in Season 7, but a surprise appearance in the series finale almost made up for it.