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Subtle Details You Missed on ‘Parks and Rec’

Subtle Details You Missed on ‘Parks and Rec’ October 14, 2019Leave a comment

    “Parks and Recreation” has earned its place among our most beloved sitcoms for its incredible cast, endearing characters, and laugh-a-minute humor. It only gets better upon repeated viewing as you start to notice some of the smaller jokes and details that show just how clever the writers are. Here are some things you might have missed so you can keep an eye out on your next inevitable re-watch.

    Leslie’s Doctor Predicted the Triplets

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    Most “Parks and Rec” fans probably realized that Chris, Leslie’s creepy MRI technician date in the season two episode “The Set Up,” was played by Will Arnett, who was Amy Poehler’s husband at the time. It’s only in hindsight, though, that we can pick up on the foreshadowing that Chris delivered when he told Leslie that her uterus was healthy enough to “have triplets right off the bat,” which is exactly what she did at the end of season six.