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The Inner Parts of Common Objects That Are Completely Different Than You’d Expect

The Inner Parts of Common Objects That Are Completely Different Than You’d Expect February 16, 2021Leave a comment

We handle all kinds of objects day in and day out, but we rarely take the time to wonder what they actually look like on the inside. Well, as it turns out, the inner workings of some of these objects are almost unrecognizable.

But you don’t need X-Ray vision to take a peek. The everyday objects on this list have been cut in half to show you what they’re like on the inside. Prepare to be amazed!

This Is the Inside of a Boeing 787

Reddit / Mass1m01973

Believe it or not, this isn’t some futuristic set from a Sci-Fi movie or the interior of an alien spaceship docked in Area 51. It’s an empty Boeing 787. The only difference here is that all of the seats have been removed from the cabin.

Inside of a Telephone Wire


Even this wire, filled with about 100 pairs of 25 gauge wire, is considered a relatively small telephone wire. Some larger ones can hold as many as 1200 pairs of wire inside!

The Hidden Workings of a Gas Station

Reddit / @planemaster

When you go to a gas station, you might not always be thinking about how the gas you will be buying is actually stored right beneath your feet in massive containers. This also makes it a pain in the butt to build other structures on top of out of business gas stations later.

The Inside of a Firework Shell

Reddit / @dittidot

Fireworks contain chemicals inside of a flammable shell to produce their huge displays of light and color. These chemicals usually include an oxidizing agent, a fuel, a metal-containing colorant and a binder to keep the pieces in place before the fuse is ignited. 

The Inside of the Tower of Pisa is Empty

Reddit / @Wicked_Aviator

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually a bell tower without any structures on the inside. Engineers believe that the tower is currently stable enough to withstand at least another 200 years without renovations.

An Old Hedge Cut in Half

Facebook / Frans de Waal

This hedge had been growing for many years, which resulted in a thick and sturdy trunk. But the new growth is regularly chopped off, so no one can tell from the outside just how old this hedge really is. 

The Light Inside of a Lighthouse

Reddit / u/mack3r

This beautiful piece of machinery is called a fresnel lens, which is covering the light of the lighthouse. The concentric circles of the lens concentrate the light into a narrow beam that can be seen from very far away.

The Inside of a Bungee Cord 


Don’t worry about a bungee cord snapping if you ever go bungee jumping. Thankfully it would take hundreds of snapping cords to break your rope and lead to a dangerous fall.

Space Mountain With the Lights On


Space Mountain in Disneyland is one of the park’s few thrill rides that leads you on a bright and colorful journey. But with the ride’s lights on it looks just like any other simple rollercoaster. Turning the lights on is how park employees find any items that you might have dropped during your ride.

What the Interior of a Pool Table Looks Like


This is where the holes in a pool table lead and why a ball will probably never get stuck in the interior of the table. But if it does, it’s easy enough to lift off the top and view the inner workings for yourself to retrieve it. 

What a Furby Looks Like Without Its Fur


If you thought normal Furbys were scary, just check this out. Without their fur, Furbys are just a pair of eyes and a mouth on some simple machinery. And yes, they can still talk without their fur, so good luck sleeping tonight.

A Cross Section of a Cactus


Cactuses don’t look much like trees from the inside. Instead they are very dense with an inner core that can hold water for long periods of time, keeping these plants alive in dry climates. 

The Inside of an Air Mattress in Night Vision


Air mattresses are made up of many sealed compartments filled with air so if one compartment gets a hole the entire mattress isn’t ruined. This is what these compartments look like inside when viewed with night vision.

Hornet’s Nest

YouTube/Scarce Worldwide

At first glance, you might feel like jumping out of your skin because this looks like a rattlesnake. But it’s actually the inside of a hornet’s nest and it’s full of tiny little holes which would give anyone with trypophobia a heart attack.

Underwater Cables


Wi-fi might be more convenient but it’s certainly not as beautiful as the inside of underwater cables, which were originally the main source of cross-country connections. From the look of it, they’re like colorful cells suspended within a gel.

Golf Balls


For the most part, golf balls look like an average white ball with indentations on the surface and a logo. But the inside of these balls are actually a lot more colorful. And the colors themselves vary by the condition of the ball and its age.

Hand Grenade


Whether you’ve seen them at a store or watched them being used on television or in films, most people know how destructive hand grenades can be. But most people aren’t familiar with the intricate network inside these devices. They’re actually quite pretty for something so deadly.



Lift the handle on a sink faucet or twist the knob and water comes out like magic; that’s what we all think happens when we turn on the sink faucet. But the mechanical inner working of this invention is complex and controls the rate of the water being dispensed and the temperature.



Grapes are like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get, especially when you bite into one. This person discovered that there was a second, much smaller grape inside their grape.



Most people just think of a toilet as a pot one uses to sit on and do their business in. But it’s more than just a glorified seat. It also houses compartments that house plumbing and allow the water and other waste to pass through, while keeping you shielded from their journey.

Ceramic Frog


This ceramic frog was dropped by accident and broke in half, but the owner discovered something quite unexpected. You see, on the inside, someone had stashed two tiny statues of snowmen. So, they might have lost one garden decoration but they gained two in the process.



In Earth Science class, we learned that the Earth has different layers that have formed on top of each other over millions of years. And as it turns out, sidewalks have different layers, too. So, the older a sidewalk is, the more layers it has.

A Soda Can


When people pop the top of a soda can, they often expect to either pour or sip some delicious soft drink from it. But this person discovered that there was another can within the can, sort of like a Russian nesting doll. Talk about weird!



Everything you thought you knew about batteries is about to get blown right out of the sky. It turns out that there are tiny batteries in the shape of cylinders inside. The exterior is nothing more than the actual battery’s casing.



This person might not have realized it but when they bought their screwdriver, they got two for the price of one. But they didn’t know about this until they accidentally broke the handle and discovered another miniature screwdriver inside the handle.



Ah! It looks like the interior of a fancy home just waiting for the furniture to arrive. Or maybe it’s the interior of a yacht. Wrong! It’s actually the inside of an acoustic guitar. Who knew there was so much sophistication inside this musical instrument?

Banana Tree Stalks


They may look like pastel yellow rugs stacked on top of each other, but these are actually banana tree stalks. While this part of the tree isn't edible, they're often used in flower arrangements due to their decorative and oh-so aesthetically pleasing swirling pattern.

Truffle Mushroom


All mushrooms usually look the same from the outside— brown, rounded, and pretty uneventful. But when you cut through them, you'll find an exceptionally beautiful marbled pattern popping through from inside.



Have you ever wondered what rope looks like when you cut it open? Well, whatever you pictured in your mind probably doesn't look anything close to what a Redditor found when they tore open their rope. How did Mickey Mouse end up in there? We need some answers!

Slap Bracelet


Remember this iconic accessory from the '90s? Slap bracelets used to be all the rage back in the day. But how did designers from that time manage to design a bracelet that is so precise, it hugs a person's wrist without hurting their skin? Well apparently, with the help of a ruler. Wow!

Bocce Ball


This bocce ball accidentally fell and it broke in half, exposing a bunch of billiard balls inside. Now, this isn't what most bocce balls look like on the inside, of course, but it's definitely a unique sight.



You've probably never been up close and personal with a freaking meteorite, so you probably can't imagine how beautiful the inside of a Fukang (China) meteorite can be. These enormous space rocks are over 4 billion years old (yeah!) and have tiny chunks of golden crystals gleaming inside.

Shoe Deodorant 


When someone buys shoe deodorant, they expect a refreshing minty aroma to get rid of any pesky smells. But whoever bought this one realized they were duped the moment the label came off. It was actually women's deodorant wrapped in a fake label, but hey! It's not all bad! At least their shoes will smell nice!

A Ruler Hidden Inside a Laptop

Nickster_345 / Reddit

The newest laptops on the market no longer come with CD drives or floppy disk compartments, but some of them still have some pretty unique features hidden within them. One Reddit user found a small ruler inside their laptop that would be perfect for measuring SIM cards or other small electronics.

A Fountain in Moscow

Reddit / sned777

After a pressure wash, workers in Russia uncovered beautiful tile beneath their muggy fountain. The dirt and grime that had accumulated in the huge water fixture over the years completely covered the tile work, so many people didn't even know it was there!

A Leather Phone Case

Theultravisitor / Reddit

When you buy a leather phone case, you want it to be sturdy, which isn't always easy to do cheaply. One company obviously found a quick fix for securing their leather products and that was to use toothpaste boxes as supports!

The Cardboard Innards of a Desk


Most people put their computers and other heavy equipment on their work desks, never thinking twice about just how study that desk actually is. One Reddit user looked on in horror after realizing that the only thing keeping his computer safely in place was a couple of pieces of cardboard!

Chocolates Display is a Fraud


This Ferrero Rocher display is absolutely mouthwatering, but don't be fooled by the clever packaging. In what was probably an effort to make sure no one stole the coveted treats, the display maker just stuffed styrofoam into each of the candy wrappers, making for a lightweight and easily transportable display.

Rattlesnake’s Rattle

sverdrupian / Reddit

This cross-section of a rattlesnake's rattle shows us what exactly is causing the famous noise that rattlesnakes make to intimidate their prey. These hard and rigid pieces are contained within a rattlesnake's tail and when they move, they clack together loudly.

Bowling Balls


Did you think bowling balls were solid objects with three carved holes for a player’s fingers? Well, guess again. They actually have a weight system in place that helps give each ball their momentum whenever they make their journey down a bowling lane.

Coffee Pods


Coffee lovers were elated when coffee pods came into the market and revolutionized the way coffee is made. But on the inside, it’s actually a tiny filter that contains the delicious coffee we all come to rely on every morning, cradled by a pretty big cushion of air!

A Tiger Has Stripes Underneath Its Fur

Reddit / Endless_Vanity

Most people assume that a tiger’s stripe is produced by patterns in their fur. But it turns out that their skin is also patterned. The darkness of the pigmentation of the skin is directly linked to the fur’s darkness.

A Dead Cactus Decomposed

Reddit / MischiefofRats

Most people know what cacti look like, so it’s so surprising that this photo has any connections to one but it does. This is actually what remains of a dead cactus after it decomposes. All that’s left are thorny spines that are sharp as knives.

This is Actually an Elephant’s Tail

Reddit / CallMeKudu

This is what an elephant tail looks like up close and personal. Elephants use it to communicate with other elephants by wagging or swishing their tail. They also use their tail as a flyswatter to keep mosquitoes and flies from biting them.

An Agate Shell’s Mineral Inner Workings

Reddit / H1ggyBowson

What you’re seeing is an agate shell that’s been cut in half. Over time, minerals grew into the empty crevices and they eventually replaced the shell, too. So basically, it underwent a beautiful mineral metamorphosis.



Women wear bras for support, but no one would've expected to find two padded hands inside the cups! The pattern hands look like they're ready to cling to the wearer's chest and hang on for dear life!

A Tree Trunk Reveals Another Tree

Toastiimuffin / Reddit

The inside of a tree trunk might not seem interesting, but when this tree was cut open, the person who did it saw another tree staring back at them! The inner layers of this piece of wood look just like a small tree with branches and everything!

Kids Unveil A Hidden Design


Pressure washing is so easy that a child can do it! These kids actually discovered a pretty interesting design underneath their old grey deck and they were able to uncover the entire thing using their pressure washing tools in just a few hours.

The Easter Island Heads Have Bodies

Reddit / Mandrigan; UCLA; EISP

The Easter Island Heads were carved from stone by ancient Polynesians somewhere between 1100 AD and 1500 AD. Most people only get to see these giant heads. However, they also have bodies that are buried underneath the surface.

This is a Blue Whale’s Blowhole

Twitter / rainmaker1973

Have you ever wondered what a blue whale’s blowhole actually looks like? Well here it is. And the funny thing is that it looks like a giant human nose or the nose of a statue floating on its back.

This is What a Baby Flamingo Looks Like

Reddit / ashiruuu

Most people assume that flamingos are tall and pink their entire lives, but that’s not the case. A flamingo’s parent feeds them a bright red milk developed from their digestive tracts. As the baby continues to grow, it starts to develop pink feathers. And as adults, flamingos feed on a red and blue-green algae filled with beta carotene and an organic chemical with a reddish-orange pigment. Their digestive tracts extract the pigment which dissolve into fat. This fat is then deposited into new feathers, hence their pink color.

This is the Underside of a Lilly Pad


Have you ever wondered what the underside of a Lilly Pad looks like? Well it looks an awful lot like a placenta or a really veiny bathroom mat. Actually, it does function a bit like a placenta, taking nutrients to where they are needed.

This is an Actual Human Nervous System

Reddit / DerekS428

This intricate network is a real human nervous system. In 1926, two medical students named M.A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell from Kirksville, Missouri, dissected a cadaver’s nervous system. The entire process took over 1,500 hours.

Turtles Have Very Unusual Skeletons

Reddit / CPhotoshopper

Most people assume that a turtle’s shell is just a shell. But it turns out that it’s a huge part of their skeletal structure. In fact, you might say it’s almost like an exo-skeleton and there’s plenty of room for organs on the inside.

Grain of Salt Under an Electron Microscope

Reddit / BunyipPouch

This is what salt crystals look like under an electron microscope. Some grains appear to be cubical while others are made up of overlapping cubes. The ionic compound of these salt crystals is composed of sodium and chloride atoms. When these molecules come together to form a crystal, they often arrange themselves in a cubical pattern.

This is How The Netherlands Lay Bricks

Reddit / lordsleepyhead

If you thought brick streets were laid on the ground a brick at a time by underpaid laborers, guess again. In this photo, workers use a machine to lay an entire layer of bricks on this street in the Netherlands.

Check Out This Ice Crystal From Switzerland

Reddit / simplywing

This ice crystal was found in Switzerland and it turns out that these crystals vary in intensity, shape and size. Scientists believe that these ice crystals grow to precipitation size because of a culmination of smaller ice crystals.