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25 Perfectly Reasonable Explanations for Why They Didn’t Text You Back

25 Perfectly Reasonable Explanations for Why They Didn’t Text You Back July 11, 2019Leave a comment

You know the feeling when you text your crush and they don't text you back? Or they leave you on read? But before you panic, read these perfectly reasonable explanations for why they didn't text you back right away. Because it has nothing to do with you. Well, unless it does...

Life Happens

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You might think you’re the center of the universe, but the person you’re with has tons of things to deal with like family, school, car troubles, doctor's appointments, and career-related drama. So, they’ll get back to you when they finally have some time to relax.

They’re Unpredictable

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It drives you nuts not knowing whether the person you’re dating is coming or going. But that’s people for you. Like it or not, adults can be pretty flaky. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong. You just can't count on people to text you back right that very minute, and that includes friends and family too.

They’re Just Over It

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Not everyone is able to express themselves in the same way as others. Some people have a tough time coming up with ways of saying, “I’m over this relationship.” So instead of blurting it out or texting, they take their sweet time to respond to texts and hope you’ll take the hint.

They’re Taking a Break


They probably needed to unplug from social media and detox from electronics in general. Maybe they had a rough day too and needed to avoid humans for an hour or two. If eventually, they find the time to text you back then you’re probably still on their good side.

They Might Have Had an Accident


Maybe they’re not blowing you off by not getting back to you. They could have been in a serious accident on the drive home or while they went out for a jog. But just in case they are purposedly avoiding you, wait a bit before you go calling all the hospitals in the city to see if they’re in the ICU.

They’re Just Really Busy

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Some people are raging workaholics. Others are simply busy juggling things like school and work so they might forget for a moment that they’re in a relationship and need to respond to that important text. If they've got a packed agenda, they’ll probably reach out to you soon.

They Crashed Out


Maybe they’re so burnt out that when they got home, they saw the bed and just fell asleep until the next day. It happens. It doesn’t necessarily mean they forgot about you or your text.

They Don’t Get It

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So maybe you’ve sent them an inside joke or suggested something you both could do on the weekend. Perhaps, you went all out and expressed how you’re feeling at the moment. Whatever the text was about, there’s a good chance they didn’t respond yet because they’re still trying to decipher your cryptic text.

They Might Be Driving


Ever heard of the saying, "don’t text and drive?" The statistics are staggering of how many people get into car accidents because they were in the middle of a text conversation. If you love them, be patient. You may have caught them on the way home.

Their Feelings Have Changed

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Well, this happens a lot too! Maybe you were their one true love at some point, or at the very least, they thought you were really cute. But feelings change and when they fall out of love, you’re no longer a priority and neither is texting back right away.

They Were Being Polite


If you had a great first date, exchanged numbers, and texted them, but they didn’t text back, you need to face reality. There’s a chance they gave you their number to be polite but are hoping you’ll get the hint they’re not interested. When someone's interested, they take the time to text or call just to let you know they're into you.

They’re Teaching You a Lesson


Men and women are both guilty of not getting back to texts. We all know that. But sometimes, there could be a totally petty reason as to why they're not texting you back. Maybe your significant other is trying to teach you a lesson for that time that you ignored their text for hours.

It’s Late


So you sent a text at 1 or 2 in the morning and assumed that the other person was up, too. But they probably won’t see your text until the morning. Then again, maybe they saw it but decided to wait until the morning to respond.

The Text Was Full of Emojis

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Smiley faces are okay, but if you sent them a bunch of emojis that are unfamiliar and vague, they might not be responding because they don’t know what you're trying to say. Heck, they might be asking someone to help them figure out what you meant. Most people don't speak emoji, so just stick with words next time.

You’re Too Needy


No matter how much someone loves you, the other person may not like being in a relationship with someone that’s way too needy. So, they might be taking a break if you’re texting them constantly just to get attention or validation of their love for you. Maybe this is their way of setting some boundaries and teaching you not to expect a text every time you message them.

They’re Bored

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You texted so much that it turned into boring small talk and now your significant other isn’t replying to your text right away because they’re hoping to avoid the inevitable, which is to have a really boring convo with you.

They Don’t Know You’re Into Them


Not everyone is savvy enough to realize that the person they’re texting with back and forth actually has the hots for them. Maybe your texts are making you come off like a cold fish, which makes them think you're not really interested in them. Next time, make sure they can't misinterpret your texts by being blunt.

It’s a Rule


They were raised to believe that when you’re with a family member or a friend, you put your cell phone away. So maybe they’re hanging with a friend or a loved one and adhering to that rule. They’ll probably text you back when they’re done.

The Timing Is Off

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You sent them a morning text, but they’re at the gym and then they rushed to work so they didn’t see the text. Then they texted you back but you were in the middle of a business meeting. Sometimes, it’s just about bad timing, nothing more.

They Don’t Care About Your Feelings

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Some people are really inconsiderate. They’re so invested in protecting their precious time and their sanity that they don’t really take a moment to think about what it would mean to you if they actually replied to your text.

You Won’t Leave Them Alone


You bombarded their inbox with tons of messages. No one likes being badgered, especially by the person they’re dating. This also applies to friendship, not just romantic relationships. Give them a minute to breathe.

They’re Not Ready for Commitment

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You sent them texts in the morning saying, “have a good day at work,” or asking them if they had a good night sleep. Then you sent them a text in the afternoon and asked, “How was your day?” It sounds an awful lot like commitment, which is why they might hesitate to text you back. It might be too much, too soon. So if you think that's the case, take a few steps back and chill for a few days.

Texts Give Them Anxiety


Some people get really anxious when their phones beep and vibrate. It’s even worse when you keep texting them repeatedly and it doesn’t stop, so they try to ignore their phone until they’re comfortable enough to read their messages.

Their Phone Died


Technology isn’t 100% reliable. They might have driven to an area where they had no signal bars, so your text didn’t get to them on time or their phone could have run out of juice. Maybe they went on an impromptu camping trip and forgot to tell everyone. Life just happens, sometimes!

There’s Someone Else


If they’re taking too long to respond, they might be dating someone on the side. It sounds awful, but a distracted partner who doesn’t answer calls or texts right away could very well be focusing on someone else.